Over A Decade, Nicole Ridley Has Only Been With Brad, Her High School Sweetheart And Husband Even Though Her Dreams Of Being A Journalist Were Put On Hold So She Could Care For Her Four Children While He Worked His Way Through Medical School, She Knew There Was A Light At The End Of This Very Long And Lonely Tunnel They Always Found Time For One Another Until It Started To Slowly Fade Away, And Then Her World Was Rocked To The ✓ Untouched (Unexpected, #2.
5) ✓ Download by ✓ Amy Marie Core With Four Words She Never Thought She D Hear I Want A Divorce Untouched By Another And Feeling Unloved And Unattractive, Nicole Sets Out On A Journey To Rediscover The Strong, Desirable Woman She Once Was And Knows She Can Be Again New Job New House New Sexy As Sin Boss Who Has His Eyes Set On Her And A Soon To Be Ex Husband Who Realizes He S Made A Horrible MistakeWill Nicole Give In To The Temptation Of Another Man, Or Will History And Love Win I enjoy Amy Marie s writing This one had a bit of an unexpected twist.
This story started out very strong, with Brad s devastating rejection of Nicole, while Nicole is trying to seduce her husband after months of no sexual relationship between the two of them Brad pretty much throws Nicole off from him and tells her he wants a divorce It was shocking and humiliating, and I was loving the angst The story took a nosedive from there though I loved Nicole taking the kids and moving into her own place, but everything in her life was just a tad too easy after that She landed the perfect job, for the perfect amount of money, with the perfect gorgeous and sweet boss who is completely smitten with her and wants to date her NONE of it felt real at all And not only that, she never really had issues with working with younger kids Everything just panned out unrealistically perfect for her Brad w

Okay predictable read Easy read, loved it Brad Nicole fall into the trap of many married couples Stay at home mom, realized things aren t good Brad suddenly says he wants a divorce Never saw that coming Nicole decides to get a job chase her dreams she put on hold to support her husband She s finally happy with herself Brad sees the change is having second thoughts This has so many twists turns you just can t stop reading it This story was written in an area I m personally familiar with it drew meinto the story because I would remember towns and places Loved this book could put it dow

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