I wanted to like this book.
I REALLY did, but it just got to be a bit obnoxious after a while Do we really need to see every damn scene from 13 different points of view Sure, they might add a tidbit here and there, and i get that each character added a little bit to the over all understanding of what was going on, but it just reads very stilted to me You get to a good part and its like HOLD IT LETS SEE WHATS GOING ON WITH EVERYONE ELSE IN TOWN FIRST BEFORE WE CONTINUE And its such a shame too, because i really like alot of the characters, Especially Lucas and Riley I think the whole thing could have been told from their point of view and it would have flowed much better Also, the writing it a little stilted It almost reads like a script sometimes describing stage placements Anyway I think it could have been an excellent book, but th Loved this young adult m m series Fell in love with Lucas and Riley those two are my favorite This book is for the young and old and you could follow your fave characters online at theravenscrossing.
org which I Love There s mysteries, super powers, love and plenty of drama going on in Wildwood so stop by and check out the Thirteen because I m sure there is something for everyone over there Lol Remember back to when you were in high school, secrets were everywhere But for those select few in Wildwood those secrets are going to change the lives of many You will love how all the relationships are formed and love is definitely in the air This book was amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Of course Riley and Lucas are my absolute favorite The Raven s Crossing is an excellent, character driven story Well written and entertaining, TRC is great for adults and young adults alike If you don t delve into the mystery of the Thirteen in Wildwood, you re missing out Can t wait forSee Book Two AND their website, where they update regularly for your daily fix theravenscrossing org

I was provided with this book to give an honest review of it Definitely not what I was expecting at all, although pleasantly surprised I loved that the book was written by 3 separate authors, wasn t sure how that would pan out, but worked really well Of course in all novels I have my favourite characters and is book was no exception, I loved Lucas and the story that unfolded throughout the story This book covers several genres, but overall a really good read and would highly recommend Looking forward to the next in the series Ì The Ravens Crossing Ä I received this book for my honest reviewSo this book is really not what I expected I expected the whole magical thing but the people in the book really threw me I did enjoy the book and look forward to the rest of the series to see what happens.
Copy won in the 2nd Anniversary give away I thought this wasyoung adult than new adult , with a lot of fairly unrealistic relationships It was interesting in a good way to have a lot of LGBT characters, but probably overdone with I think 3 different couples in the story It was nice but not the norm that there was complete acceptance and happiness at the high school too and it was hard to believe the characters and relationships The story idea was good but a bit lost with so many different characters and authors The devision or chapter layout stopped the story flowing there was one event day told with 6 different viewpoints, then the next event etc The character story growth was good but broken however it was originally told as a blog website weekly story so perhaps it just doesn t work as a book.
Are Hard To Keep, Especially When You Re In High School, And The Students At Wildwood High Have Been Hiding Than Most But, When Thirteen Friends Discover Their Families Are Keeping Secrets Than The Entire Student Body Combined, They Find Themselves Drawn Together In A Dangerous Search For The Truth Wildwood Is Not The Average Trendy Neighborhood, And The Ravens Crossing, The Corner At Its Heart, Is Not An Average ✓ The Ravens Crossing Ö Download by Ü Andi Lea CrossingWhen The Thirteen Begin To Uncover Strange Events In The Grove, Passing The Next Test Suddenly Involves Than Reading From A Textbook While They Come Into Their Full Balance Of Power As Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Or Time Gaeas, Their Lives Suddenly Grow Far Complicated Life Is No Longer Just About Who S Crushing On Whom And Who S Afraid To Commit The Thirteen Must Learn To Use Their Natural Talents To Navigate The Treacherous Secrets They Have Only Just Begun To Uncover Join Lucas, Riley, Morgan, Holly, Kaz, Quinn, Darci, Elliot, Sharon, Alex, Raiden, Hemp, And Tetsuya As They Discover The Importance Of Trust And What It Truly Means To Have PowerThe Ravens Crossing Is A Serialized, Young Adult, Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure This Volume Contains Season One Stories In The Order They Were originally Published At The Companion Website Theravenscrossing

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