There was a lot going on in this one and not just with Linc and Ethan, but since this book was mainly about their relationship we ll start there.
I really liked that both of them were secure in their relationship that they were ok with going public and I loved that they didn t do any big reveal, just lived their lives doing normal things It was great how the rest of the gang reacted, like finally, of course you guys are a couple, who cares, pass the dinner dish No big deal at all Sadly things did become a big deal most due to the hate out there in the world that was directed at these two I hated that people couldn t be happy that they found love, but glad that their inner circle got it I was surprised and not at the same time, at what happened and the aftermath I think th Ethan and Linc Omg This book was definitely worth the wait I couldn t put it down I love how we got to see the strong relationship between Ethan and Linc and the unconditional love they had for each other I love how the finally got a chance to focus on their relationship and make it even stronger I also loved seeing the points of view the others had when it comes to Ethan and Linc because their lives are all so closely intertwined Kiki and Kadi steal the show when they are in the scenesthose two girls give all of the guys a run for their money literally at times I m so anxious to see how this story continues in the next installment I loved the laughing, crying, and ultimate shock at the end.
A Child, I Trusted No OneThen I Found My Best FriendsThey Gave Me A Family And Saved Me From A Life Of Abuse That Still Has Me Messed UpThen One Of Those Best Friends Captured My HeartLincoln, Tough Yet Tender, A Walking ContradictionHe Loves Me Too Flaws And All He S The Most Patient Man On The Earth And Understands My PTSD What He Doesn T Understand Is Why Our Being Intimate Makes Me Feel Dirty He S Not One Of The Men Who Abused Me And He Download Epub Format ☆ Refrain (Rockstar #9) PDF by ☆ Anne Mercier D Never Hurt Me I Know This I Believe It Still, The Dirty Creeps In Even Though I Know What We Do Together Is Anything ButHe S Here Now And He S Going To Stay It S Time For Me To Talk To Someone ProfessionallyI Need To Shed My Unhealthy Past In Order To Have A Healthy Future With The Man I Love If I Don T, I Just Might Lose The Best Thing That S Ever Happened To Me And There S Not Enough Therapy In The World To Get Me Through ThatFRAIN Is An Adult M M Romance With Multiple POVs, Real Life Struggles And Battles, Abuse, New Life, And Tragedy This book is a little bit of a mess to be honest I found the writing to be stilted, and despite it being part of a frankly too long series, I wanted and needed background in how Ethan and Linc got together I wanted the butterflies stage, the newness, the exciting part of first being together We got none of that.
The timeline when taken into account of all the other books is all over the place, as are some of the details Correct me if I m wrong, but wasn t Dave one of Lucy s favourite reporters in Rockstar 1 If not this specific one, a name change would be wise.
I also found it hard at times to distinguish POVs Again, there s several in this book, some of whom I felt aren t needed and add to the messiness.
There s also Spanish in parts which aren t entirely I guess I will be skipping this one as well I thought I would be able to get back to this series since I skipped Xander, but I don t do MM romance Guess it s time to drop this author.
So many emotions whilst reading this book A book full of love and family The subject of gay hate crimes, ridicules and child abuse approached and wrote about perfectly Well done Anne Mercier loveislove ✓ Refrain (Rockstar #9) Û Ethan and Lincoln are in love, passionately so But, Ethan knows he can t come out because rockstars can t be publicly gay, can they But, that isn t the only obstacle to their love No, there other things going on Ethan is still suffering from the aftermath of his heartbreaking childhood Oh sure, he s got a family in his guys, and he s got the love of his best friend, but he needs professional help to deal with the pain in his mind Can he do it before he loses Linc And once he does get some professional therapy, will other outside forces have their say in Linc and Ethan s love Can a badass MMA fighter and a sexy rockstar be publicly in love if both of them happen to be men I have been reading Anne Mercier s Rockstar series since book 1,Falling Down.
It s had its ups and downs and some of them I ve lovedthan others, but I can safely say

I received an ARC copy for my honest opinion Refrain is the love story of Ethan and Linc, that s been a long time coming The timeline of the book coincides with Xander Part 1 and 2 I m glad I read the series again Ethan has been my favorite besides Kennedy, the quite ones always get to me Ethan has many issues from his childhood, that he trying to move forward, and I love how you can see his journey, trying to process the whole ordeal Linc, his partner is a tough MMA fighter, that loves hard and very protective of his family As always with Anne books, you see different POVs I for one are thankful for those, so you can see what s happening in the family This book has answers to some situations that were left open in her past books, and setting up for the future also There was a couple of things in this b Omg this book, there are no words.
This book was a long time coming and has a lot of people judging making assumptions before reading.
Stop, just stop.
Personally I m a non M M reader but having read every single book by this author, I knew she would give Ethan and Linc the justice they deserve, no matter what hole they prefer She the author did not disappoint Love is love, time to embrace that So much happens in this book, you ll laugh cry, can t say much else without ruining anything so do yourself a favor and one click asap.
This book in my eyes is why this series will be top of the Rockstar genre.
Would givestars if I could Emotive Full Of Love But Also Brutal Bruising What a story Ethan Linc s love was stunningly beautiful it was full of all the feels you could ever want their heat was scorching This storyline ran alongside much of what s happened in previous books but especially Xander Tera s 2nd book and the short stories that followed then I was swept up in the CFD home it s family of Rockstars their partners The two youngest girls , before Xan Tera s baby s arrives, have the guys in equal parts awe terror with their wiley ways hilarity abounds around those situations The Mojo is strong in Kiki Seeing the FDB Families again was fantastic La Familigla are around, Of course They are an integral part of the group s now They re busy trying to keep threats at bay everyone safe This was a completely emotive read on many levels There are b

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