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C n n u y u nh ng th b s u, nh ng c u chuy n h ng ng y nh nh th c cu n n y r t h p Trong cu n n y, v n phong c a Banana kh l nh nh ng, nh ng o n i tho i th si u ng y u lu n Ch Saku Ph i l m c i g th i M t m, tr n ng v nh sau khi m i n m qu n ramen quen thu c, Mikiko n i n xong m i tr l i l m m nh nh T i c i ch m ch c Ch sao Nh ng kh ng th c th n y m i c Mikiko n i, hai c i m c ph nh l n Nh ng qu n ramen ngon th t y Ch ch ng h i h n t n o.
Nghe t i n i v y, Mikiko c i to Tr c khi n, em c ng ngh h t nh th Th i c, b n m nh s g y i nh C hai ng i, n ki ng c ng s vui l m Quy t nh Quy t V th l tr n ng v , ch ng t i v a i, v a l n k ho ch n ki ng v b i Alla fiera dell Est nel 2047, una caramella dichiar guerra al popolo degli unicorni Si divertirono tutti e la penna a sfera cominci a perorare la sua causa profumare di pizza appena sfornata.
La mia recensione a tale pataccata potrebbe benissimo essere questo ammasso di nonsense, perch il libro NONSENSE allo stato brado E sono convinta che Banana Yoshimoto si droghi, ora l ho detto Bene, direi che tre indizi fanno una prova e quindi un bel CIAONE per Banana e per i suoi libri urticanti al massimo Inizierei con la trama, se mai ce ne stata una abbiamo una famiglia allargata formata da Sakumi, che cazzeggia tutto il giorno e lavora cos , per riempire una parte delle giornate, Yoshio, suo fratellastro mezzo sciroccato, la madre, che probabilmente di professione fa la ladra visto il mistero che aleggia su di lei, la cugin Eine Gefeierte Junge Schauspielerin, Stirbt Unter Tragischen Umst Nden Sie Hinterl T Eine Ungew Hnliche Wahl Familie, Die Die Trauer Um Die Verstorbene Zusammenh Lt Sakumi, Die Ltere Schwester, Durch Deren Augen Sich Die Geschichte Entfaltet, Yoshio, Einen J Ngeren Bruder, Der Mystische Kr Fte Besitzt, Eine Noch Junge Mutter, Deren Freundin Und Ryuichiro, Den Geliebten Mayus, Der Einen Roman Schreibt Mit Offenkundigen Parallelen Zu Ihrer GeschichteSakumi, Yoshio Und Ryuichiro Begeben [Banana Yoshimoto] Æ アムリタ Amrita [m-m-urban-fantasy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Æ Sich Auf Eine Reise Durch Kummer Und Leid, Verloren Geglaubte Und Wiedergefundene Erinnerungen, Verbotene Liebe, Der Erl Sung Und Genesung Und Einer Begegnung Mit Dem Geist Der Toten Auf Einer Fernen Insel Im PazifikAmrita Das Wort Stammt Aus Der Hindu Mythologie Und Bedeutet G Ttertrank, Lebenselixier, Das Unsterblichkeit Schenkt Ist Eine Hommage An Das Leben No se que demonios fue exactamente lo que le o como describirlo pero ME ENCANT .
In Sanskrit, Amrita means immortality And this book was in between surreal and reality I ve read few magical realism before, but never one like this A fresh kind of vibe Talking about plot, as what Yoshimoto said this book is very simple It was about daily life and what s happening around I love how it relates to most of familiar scenes in life people come and go, incidents happen, loneliness and betrayal, friendship and families, gifted and ungifted As what Yoshimoto said in foreword, she might not write any lengthy story any after this one, but I really wish she would still do It was not that bad, honestly It might sound like a girl ranting and scribbling her life through out the pages but the memories, her heart, and thought was s Ph n v n gi a 3 v i 4 r i t i quy t nh m nh c th th m cho Amrita 1 v nh ng c m x c m n mang l i.
L u l u m i quay l i v i l i vi t c a Banana Yoshimoto, c m gi c c nh g p l i m t ng i quen c ng i m m nh t ng r t g n b v th n thi t sau th i gian d i xa c ch v y Th t d ch u v m p, m c d t i kh ng th n i c l v n phong c a Banana c g c bi t t c ng t i t i n th i khi trong cu c s ng th ng nh t ta v n th ng b t g p nh ng t nh hu ng hi n nhi n n kh ng th l gi i c nh v y, v ta c ng hi n nhi n n nh n ch ng m ch ng c n c c ng i t m nguy n do l m g C ch ng, t i ch c m th y l n g p g n y th t ng n kh ng t ng, n m c m i c t i trang b n m i m y th y ng p trong x c ng v c i c m gi c y c k o d i m i n khi s ch c xong b t ch p vi c n i dung c a n c ph n l th v bu n t.
Amrita c vi t d i g c nh n c a nh n v t ch nh Sakumi, c ng t ng t nh b t k m t cu n s ch n o kh c vi t theo ng i th nh t Song t i º アムリタ Amrita å It might be unfair to rate this novel so low when I skipped most of it, and will probably toss it away before I could finish it It is not necessarily boring, rather, not interesting I did not find any appeal in the story or the author s approach to narration Banana Yoshimoto is a talented writer She is very popular in her native Japan and has a loyal following Her writings however seem to target young women Her popular novels at least the ones that I have read were written in the 90s when Ms Yoshimoto was in her twenties or early thirties As such, they portray the turbulence, freethinking, and rebelliousness of the young of that era Her novels are mostly about a group of well to do young people who are intimately connected and share difficult and c l i Amrita ngay sau khi nghe xong Kitchen, i, ng l ch nh g r o tr i Nh ng c i c m gi c bu n b m m m cu n s ch mang l i cho m nh trong l n c u ti n v khi n m nh tr i nghi m l i n n c l n th 2 v n c n .
Cu n n y mang nhi u t nh ti t si u th c qu b ng d ng l i c m th y l l m, d gi ng v n m nh mang p y v n l c a Banana c cu n n y trong nh ng ng y m a v m a h ang n c m gi c h p i h p.

The main character of this Yoshimoto book is quite similar to all of her novels a young, modern Japanese woman who has endured great trauma but manages to keep an open heart to the world despite it A lot of tragedy besets the particular narrator of this book, Sakumi before it even begins her father and then sister have passed away and she has had an accident that causes her brain damage Despite the heavy scene that sets up, this novel is breezy and fantastical It may be about family and loss but it s also about youth, traveling, love, and magic It abounds with mystical powers, ghosts, mind reading, and unexplained events It s true magical realism, in the vein of Salman Rushdie or her modern Japanese peer Haruki Murakami But Amrita is I feel a need to defend this bookI picked it up during a Japanese authors phase and just couldn t put it down Some might argue that Yoshimoto s story is too surreal, too fragmented, too detailed as a friend put it For me, it was just right Every other page I felt like underlining a quote Every sequential chapter, distinctly out of joint with the previous, made me feel like I was floating out in the ether somewhere The story is supposed to be about the way life turns on itself the ebb and flow of just living I think Yoshimoto conveyed that sense perfectly As far as the plot, I m not sure what to say There s a girl She lost a chunk of her memory She has a brother who may or may not be insane Her sister committed suicide This girl has an odd relationship with her sister s fiance Everything somehow fits together like a Monet Just blobs up close, but beautiful when you look at

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