Audio version with introduction by the author himself He is such a larrikin with a happy voice Bryce Courtenay s debut, apparently toiled over at the kitchen table with his son s girlfriend stating This is the best book I ve read, you need to publish it or words to the effect The rest, they say, is historyFirst with the head, then with the handsWhat an Australian classic, one that I should have read by now.
Peekay starts out as a tiny tot I have a 6 year old son and therefore horrified who suffers dreadful abuse at this young age at boarding school, at the hands of horrible older boys, one in particular Emerging a wonderful, well rounded and amazing human being.
Memories of his beloved wet nurse, neurotic mother and b My all time favourite book Pride is holding your head up high when everyone around you has theirs bowed Courage is what makes you do it The Power of One tells the story of 5 year old Peekay A white English speaking South African boy,on his journey of self discovery, enlightenment and empowerment.
Set in South Africa during the 30s and 40s Peekay at the tender age of 5 is sent off to boarding school after his mother suffers a nervous breakdown He must leave his beloved black nanny behind who has been his wet nurse since birth At boarding school Peekay is mercilessly bullied by The Judge and the Boer boys for his English heritage.
On the train back to see his Grandfather he meets conductor Hoppie Groenwald an amateur boxer.
Hoppie teaches Peekay that little can beat big.
Hoppie is such an inspiration to the bullied Peekay, he decides one day he will The dazzling writing style of Bryce Courtenay is captured in this, his debut novel Its intricate prose and powerful characters bring a story to life that few readers will be able to resist In rural South Africa during the late 1930s, Peekay is a young boy who has been sent to boarding school With English roots, Peekay struggles in this school where the Boer boys ridicule him for his heritage, turning verbal pokes into full on malicious attacks With war building in Europe, Peekay is led to believe by classmates that Hitler will soon arrive in South Africa to toss the shackles from the Afrikaner people, long subjugated by the English After a number of brush ups with others, the matron agrees to send Peekay to his grandfather s home, a long train ride ac , As Hitler Casts His Enormous, Cruel Shadow Across The World, The Seeds Of Apartheid Take Root In South Africa There, A Boy Called Peekay Is Born His Childhood Is Marked By Humiliation And Abandonment, Yet He Vows To Survive And Conceives Heroic Dreams, Which Are Nothing Compared To What Life Actually Has In Store For Him He Embarks On An Epic Journey Through A Land Of Tribal Superstition And Modern Prejudice Where He Will Learn The Power Of Words, The Power [Bryce Courtenay] Ð The Power of One [cities PDF] Ebook Epub Download ó To Transform Lives And The Power of One

I just finished reading The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay which was recommended to me by JK in our little cross country virtual book club Divided into three parts, this is a story of a boy named Peekay coming of age in 1930 1950 s South Africa So, we ve got major historical things happening Boer War aftermath, Hitler Germany and WWII, the buddings of Apartheid And then you have this really small boy going through hell at age 5 in a boarding school and learning at this infant stage in life how to survive His power grows with each new and colorful mentor that he and we meets along the way First with the head and then with the heart, is his mantra throughout the story There is little I lovethan a good piece of fiction with brilliant and richly described narrative I just found that a movie was made about the book in 1992 I m definitely intere Took me some time to read, but not because it wasn t good, but just because there is so much to this story A supremely well written book If you like historical fiction the type focused on people living in certain historical eras, not necessarily specific historical events you will enjoy this story I now feel like I have a good feel for WWII era South Africa Also, if you like interesting characters and good character development, this is a good story for you, too.
The Power of One ✓ Of all the books I read in 2009 one stands out in the horizon of my memory, a mass market paperback with 540 pages of microscopic print which I devoured in a day and a half.
The Power of One gave me the chance to meet a part of myself that I thought I had lost forever It rekindled a long extinguished flame of hope, it awakened a lost feeling of wonder, it gave me proof that one can make a difference.
Set in South Africa in the 1930s and 40s , The Power of One is the compelling coming of age story of Peekay , an innocent English boy who very early in his life realizes that there are greater things at stake than the hatred between the Dutch Afrikaners and the English The Second World War in Europe, the growing racial tensions and the beginning of Apartheid will influence his world and challenge his spiritual strength.
Even though the od I hardly know where to begin writing this review This book had been on my to read list for a long time I finally decided to take the plunge and listen to the Audible version, narrated by the fantastic Humphrey Bowers who really brought SHANTARAM to life also And now it s over Twenty hours spent getting to know the wonderful Peekay, and now I m done This is one of those books that isn t really over when you finish it It stays with you and the characters live on inside your head.
That s really the highest compliment I can pay a book.
The story is so hard to describe without making it sound simplistic It is a coming of age story, a tale of friendship and history and love It s the kind of book I already know I will find myself recommending to all sorts of people I can see it appealing to young and old, men I read The Power of One 8 years ago, and the story and messages of the novel continue to resonate with me still This is such a powerful journey of character, courage, and self I would read this book again in a heartbeat Truly amazing.

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