Is The Deadliest American Sniper Ever, Called The Devil By The Enemies He Hunted And The Legend By His Navy SEAL Brothers From To , US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Recorded The Most Career Sniper Kills In United States Military History The Pentagon Has Officially Confirmed Than Of Kyles Kills The Previous American Record Was , But It Has Declined To Verify The Astonishing Total Number For This Book Iraqi Insurgents Feared Kyle So Much They Named [ Pdf American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.
Military History ↠´ public-transport PDF ] by Chris Kyle ↠´ Him Al Shaitan The Devil And Placed A Bounty On His Head Kyle Earned Legendary Status Among His Fellow SEALs, Marines, And US Army Soldiers, Whom He Protected With Deadly Accuracy From Rooftops And Stealth Positions Gripping And Unforgettable, Kyle S Masterful Account Of His Extraordinary Battlefield Experiences Ranks As One Of The Great War Memoirs Of All Time A Native Texan Who Learned To Shoot On Childhood Hunting Trips With His Father, Kyle Was A Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Prior To Joining The Navy After , He Was Thrust Onto The Front Lines Of The War On Terror, And Soon Found His Calling As A World Class Sniper Who Performed Best Under Fire He Recorded A Personal Record , Yard Kill Shot Outside Baghdad In Fallujah, Kyle Braved Heavy Fire To Rescue A Group Of Marines Trapped On A Street In Ramadi, He Stared Down Insurgents With His Pistol In Close Combat Kyle Talks Honestly About The Pain Of War Of Twice Being Shot And Experiencing The Tragic Deaths Of Two Close Friends American Sniper Also Honors Kyles Fellow Warriors, Who Raised Hell On And Off The Battlefield And In Moving First Person Accounts Throughout, Kyles Wife, Taya, Speaks Openly About The Strains Of War On Their Marriage And Children, As Well As On Chris Adrenaline Charged And Deeply Personal, American Sniper Is A Thrilling Eyewitness Account Of War That Only One Man Could Tell With the impressive tagline of The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.
S Military History I purchased this book in the hope it would be a thrilling insight into the life of a Navy Seal who is the inspiration for the film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper However, it was a bit of a let down, and I ended up starting to feel annoyed with him and the ghost writers for their literary style and the choice of content.
To kick things off, I didn t complete the book, I read to page 237 and I was not finding the book particularly thrilling, and I thought to myself, if I m not enjoying or finding the book interesting, why am I reading it I have nothing but respect for Chris Kyle, he has done a remarkable job for his country and he has seen things and done things I would never dream of doing He has all the n

I read the book after seeing the film.
This was an interesting autobiography of a soldier in a thankless and thoughtless war Chris tried to be as honest as he could with his work and his relationships He certainly doesn t glorify the war but at times seem to overdo the justification of it there are really sad casualties of indigenous people who have very little control over their lives There were I felt repetitious scenarios and justifications making the reading process tedious But in the main I enjoyed reading it with a tinge of sadness for his family, the war he was involved in and for the hero himself.
Tragic that a true hero should be taken in such circumstances The book is a worthy legacy, fascinating throughout and an interesting insight into the thoughts of his wife, the unsung hero Well worth reading.

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