I have very eclectic tastes in reading My ideology no book is bad Some unusual books, like this one, end up being awesome This book caters to those who appreciate twisted thinking It is also takes a deeply insightful yet intellectual look into the social, emotional and psychological aspects that comprise our humaness for lack of a better term without apology for being brutally open, honest and blunt about those things that we may not like about being imperfect in our humanity, but that are albeit truisms You will see yourself in some way, shape or fashion in one or some of these characters.
Admittedly, the book from the first chapter made my stomach turn and I almost gave it up I forced myself to continue I found that a well woven story developed and I could not put it down Hmm õ Haunted ↠´ but then the novel seemed to drag on And on And on Or maybe I wasn t in the mood Try it out and see what you think The most memorable story was about the pool you ll know when you get there hahahaha

I first read a review of this book in a magazine What drew my interest to even reading it was that it said during a reading someone literally threw up while one of the scenes was being read I will advise you that this book is very twisted, dark, perverse, and sometimes hilarious I have always loved this book most by Chuck because it was the first one I ever read and it really shocked me on some levels and has always left me wanting of his writing This story has multiple story tellers that are all part of a main story and tell their personal stories individually It is a good way to feel connected to the characters and to really get inside their heads Haunted is not for those who do not like gore, strangeness, or perversion in their books but I do recommend it if you enjoy something strange, the multiple point of view type stories, and are not afraid to be haunt Fair warning this is a dark, disturbing, and horrendously gruesome book If you have a weak stomach, have difficulty with the idea of self inflicted violence in every conceivable form and fashion, or can t imagine a world where death is not the worst thing that can happen then this is not a book for you Otherwise, Chuck will not disappoint.
Haunted is written in a somewhat unusual, at least to me, style There is an over arching story that frames a collection of short stories, each of which is preceded by a short about one of the characters The short stories are meant act as a window into the past of each character in the framing story For me, this style was a bit of a problem The contextual switches between the short stories kept distracting me That coupled with the text s graphic content forced me to read the book much slowly and in much smaller chunks than I would have li Parts of this book grossed me out so much that I felt weak in the knees I m always super impressed when an author can make his or her reader feel such strong feelings just using words It s one of the best books I ve ever read in that respect Also, I will always think of this book in the future when I m trying to enjoy Calamari Thanks, Chuck Palahniuk, for making all future trips to the Olive Garden even upsetting and nauseating Seriously, awesome Is A Novel Made Up Of Stories Twenty Three Of The Most Horrifying, Hilarious, Mind Blowing, Stomach Churning Tales You Ll Ever Encounter They Are Told By The People Who Have All Answered An Ad Headlined Artists Retreat Abandon Your Life For Three Months They Are Led To Believe That Here They Will Leave Behind All The Distractions Of Real Life That Are Keeping Them From Creating The Masterpiece That Is In Them But Here Turns Out To Be A Cavernous And [ Pdf Haunted ✓ cultural-studies PDF ] by Chuck Palahniuk É Ornate Old Theatre Where They Are Utterly Isolated From The Outside World And Where Heat And Power And, Most Importantly, Food Are In Increasingly Short Supply And The Desperate The Circumstances Become, The Desperate The Stories They Tell And The Devious Their Machinations To Make Themselves The Hero Of The Inevitable Play Movie Non Fiction Blockbuster That Will Certainly Be Made From Their Plight

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