Narrative Of The Calamities Which Befell The Jews So Far As They Tend To Verify Our Lord S Predictions Relative To That Event With A Brief Description Of The City And Temple By George Peter Holford Written In Sixth American Edition, [ read Online The Destruction of Jerusalem: An Absolute and Irresistible Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity ↠´ humanities PDF ] by George Peter Holford ✓ Philadelphia, I can t wait to read about this period of history after reading this book, I feel that I ve missed out on some important knowledge by not having read about it before It was also interesting to see a preacher from the early 19th century warn Great Britain of her coming fall if she continue on the same path and refused to repent and believe, and then to have the vantage point of two centuries later to see his words were true In our day, we see the United States on the same trajectory and the same warnings being given and ignored The lesson of history, as always, is that man learns nothing from history.

This was a great read A short, to the point book giving the history of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the ramifications of that fall as it relates to the Jews and their covenantal relationship with God.
Short but excellent description of the events of the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 The author shows how these things were predicted by Jesus and their uniqueness proves the truth of the gospel.

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