this is a wonderful book I have been reading this with my toddler since early September and the leaves got a hint of red now mid November we are at the most colorful time of the year Toddler has been out hiking walking a lot in the past few weeks and collecting acorns and oak balls it was fun to see the children in the book collecting things below an oak tree we ve decided they must be oak balls and acorns I like that it s only pictures and no words, it allows for a lot of interpretation and also gives the child plenty of time to look at each page we find something new each time we read it.
also, although the rainy season had not yet begun when we began reading this book, Toddler loved the picture of the puppy pulling his human through a puddle Now outside we find puddles and Toddler says pull, pull She wants to pull me though a puddle We already This is such a fantastic collection of books They are wordless narratives of children enjoying the seasons They paintings are absolutely beautiful and give a lot to enjoy and discuss with your little one They are a bit dated and show some things that are less relevant now thatching your roof in the spring But they are otherwise timeless.
I got the boxed set of board books a great price versus buying individually for my baby s Easter basket but big brother 3 1 2 is loving them.
Note that the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter are featured.
We purchased this book as a beautiful seasonal tool towards our Montessori Waldorf influenced homeschooling that we are going to begin this year with our daughter It is beautifully illustrated with portrayals of simple Autumn scenes and activities such as collecting acorns, making things like pinwheels, sculptures and kites out of different materials from the home and from nature, walking in the rain, helping to cook with a parent, etc There is no storyline, which makes it a great tool for building language skills such as using descriptive words, making inferences and general storytelling I am really looking forward to introducing it to my daughter this fall and referencing it as we cook together, make sculptures, and collect acorns ourselves It fits well with Waldorf and Montessori because of these things, but as it doesn t focus on It s a good thing this book isn t for 35 year olds because I think it s boring boring boring It s just pictures with no narrative But the odd thing is that our daughter absolutely adores this and the Winter book by the same author book Like love love LOVES it She s always asking us to read it So we go through the book with her describing it image and talking about what they re doing in it Apparently it s everything she wants out of a board book, so I ve rated it as such.

í Autumn í I love the art of these books The details are beautiful My kid loves finding new things in the pages every time we read it.
I can see the author focused on the weather seasonthan on events You won t see pumpkins or nativities on the books.
But you will see a lot of kids outdoor play.
I include pictures of my favorite detail on each book.
The books are small board books with six pages.
mio figlio se ne innamorato subito Is One Of A Series Of Four books Without Text, Which Lead The Young Child Through The Seasons Of The Year Full Of Fun, Active Illustrations, This Chunky Board Book Shows The Joys Of Playing In Leaves, Collecting Conkers, Flying Kites And Making ☆ read Ó Autumn by Gerda Muller Õ Jam

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