This was a present for my daughter, who has bought her first greenhouse She loves the book.
Wonderful Book Written for Sweden and Swedish gardeners, intriguing for me here in the USA to read references to Swedish landmarks as boundaries for plant hardiness Tall Purple Bodach won t live through the winter outside the greenhouse much north of Stockholm Really, I muse Hmmm I wonder what that means to ME But references INSIDE the greenhouse apply anywhere, once the doors and vents are closed Vegetables and fruits still grow and flourish in the same circumstances or don t I absolutely LOVED the author s assumptions that every greenhouse WOULD have a grapevine growing inside it, at one end opposite the door That must mean every greenhouse in Sweden has a grapevine in it Now I ll have to go see Lots of good growing tips and advice, especially for practical food growing, from a hands

Early days but hopefully next spring I should be ready to go.
good More about growing things in Sweden than America Not as general as I thought it would be I really like the content of this book It is a very detailed way to help someone start a greenhouse from deciding what type of plants to use to helping to determine the best methods for you to grow them I like how this book displays your options but doesn t force you towards any one option, it basically says that if you want to do this then these methods are recommended for you but if you d rather do this than these are better options for you The one downside to the book is that a lot of space is wasted on pictures and the text itself is pretty small.
Ø Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening: Expert Advice on How to Grow Vegetables, Herbs, and Other Plants Ø My next project Great advice, like your best friend Great book My local library had this book and I liked it so much I ordered a copy for myself.
Garden Should Be Easy And Fun To Care Fordont Complicate Things Unnecessarily This Is The Slogan Of Author Inger Palmstierna In Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening, She Helps Readers Find The Joy Of Cultivating In Their Very Own Greenhouses Palmstierna Is A Gardening Authority With Vast Knowledge On Everything That Grows With Infectious Enthusiasm, This Garden Writer And Horticulturist Explains How To Cultivate A Successful Garden Or OrchardThe Greenhouse Is The Place Where Green Thumbs Are Realized And Your Imagination Can Run Wild Palmstierna Believes The Greenhouse [ Pdf Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening: Expert Advice on How to Grow Vegetables, Herbs, and Other Plants Å museums PDF ] by Inger Palmstierna ↠´ Provides Opportunities, But Does Not Demand Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening Is An Accessible Book With Many Beautiful Pictures And Practical Instructions The Topics Covered Include Building And Decorating Your Own Greenhouse Training Seedlings And Early Plant Development How To Sow, Grow, And Winter Plants How To Harvest Vegetables And Herbs How To Cultivate Summer Flowers For Planting And In Addition To Providing A Garden Year Round, The Greenhouse Can Also Be A Beautiful Addition To Your Yard And Can Be Customized To Match Your Tastes Youll Learn The Basics On What To Consider When Buying, Laying The Foundations For, And Decorating Your Greenhouseas Well As How To Plan And Use One Soon After Youll Be Ready To Explore The Many Types Of Vegetables And Flowering Plants That Thrive In GreenhousesSo Get Ready To Enjoy Fresh Vegetables And Flowers Year Round

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