S The Spring OfAnd No Longer Safe To Be A Jew In Vienna Nineteen Year Old Elise Landau Is Forced To Leave Her Glittering Life Of Parties And Champagne To Become A Parlor Maid In England She Arrives At Tyneford, The Great House On The Bay, Where Servants Polish Silver And Serve Drinks On The Lawn But War Is Coming, And The World Is Changing When The Master Of Tyneford S Young Son, Kit, Returns Home, He And Elise Strike Up An Unlikely Friendship That Will Transform Tyneford ↠´ The Novel In The Viola è Download by ó Natasha Solomons And Elise Forever I loved the detailed writing in this book I could feel the cold and hear the waves crashing, I felt like I was at Tyneford House I did not like the ending though, I was a little disappointed I will readby this writer though, her descriptions of the scenery were beautiful.
This might take a while My damage with this book, beginning with the most egregious issues 1 The main character, Elise, is absolutely unlikable Her own family kind of doesn t like her, and it s not in that heart wrenching, Jacob Have I Loved way where you feel like shaking them and yelling, she s better than the lot of you, you idiots No I don t blame them for not liking her She whines about her lack of musical talent in an exceptionally musical family She calls her parents by their first names sorry, I never got over that, not through the whole book She doesn t like her sister and then is surprised that her sister doesn t like her.
Outside of her family, Elise continues to be unlikable I felt like all I very much enjoyed this It s imperfect, sure the author is a little obsessed with foreshadowing to such a degree that almost nothing is a surprise but it has the most beautiful sense of place Tyneford is lovely, and it s not just the description of the town, but the characters within it I see a lot of people complaining that this is NOT Downton Abbey esque as the jacket marketing promised, and I guess it isn t in the upstairs downstairs sense, but I thought this did a beautiful job of outlining how the wars impacted that lifestyle something Downton touched on a great deal in season 2, albeit with WWI and maybe season three I know, tiny violins and all, but I think both illustrate the old money can t buy you happiness adage.
You know, as I m writing this, I bumped it up from three to four stars, based purely on my enjoyment I do This book is one of the ones where I can t decide whether to rush through the book to find out what happens vs wanting to read slowly so the book and the fictional world inside it never end Set in Europe in the days leading up to during WWII, the book follows Elise, the teenage daughter of upper middle class cosmopolitan Jews living in Vienna Oh no, Jews in Austria you know it can t end well Elise manages to get a work visa to Britain, where she works as a servant The majority of the novel occurs at the great house where she goes to work The author does an amazing job describing the house all that it entails the servants, surrounding village etc Very Downton Abbey I actually kept imagining the butler in this story as Carson Whereas Downton Abbey explores the be Why would I give this seemingly well written novel only 1 star The heroine deserved to be written correctly for her timeI love reading CLEAN and HIGH STANDARD moral novels I ENJOYED the over all story, but was so disgusted in the eventual trashiness of the heroine When this AUTHOR took the key heroine of the story and had her SCREAM aloud every filthy word she could express during a low point of her lifeI thought, WHAT in the world is this author thinking The heroine was reared with a high moral standingof yesteryearbut, then the author ends up bringing the character, Elise, down to the level of TODAY S worldly standard for women I don t buy it There is no way that a high bred woman out of Austria would have stooped to this level of speaking the f word and many other degrading terms Why in the world was that even necessary There was NO REASON to degrade the morals of this woman to havin ☆ The Novel In The Viola ☆ I loved The Novel In The Viola.
It is one of those books in which everything characters, emotions, settings, writing, period, storylines is right And everything works together beautifully to produce a book that is farthan the sum of those parts.
At heart though, The Novel In The Viola is the story of a life The life of Elise, younger daughter of Anna and Julian Landau Opera singer and novelist respectively Elise worries that she is not as talented as her sister, Margot, but that casts just a very small shadow on a wonderful life Because Elise is loved, and because she loves her family, she is happy and she is secure.
But the year is 1938 The Landaus live in Austria, in Vienna And they are Jewish.
Anna and Julian realise that their family is at risk and take steps to flee Margot and her husband secure American visas and they hope that they will be abl Como f assumida da famosa s rie televisiva Downton Abbey n o podia deixar de ler este livro E devo dizer que n o me arrependo nada de o fazer Ainda que com algumas semelhan as com a s rie per odo hist rico e plano de ac o , este romance de Natasha Solomons completamente original.
A protagonista, Elise Landau, ainda uma jovem, imatura e mimada, quando for ada a deixar o seu pa s, a sua fam lia e a vida privilegiada da alta sociedade austr aca para servir como criada numa austera mans o inglesa.
Consigo leva apenas um violino, cujo interior guarda o ltimo romance escrito pelo pai, e o colar de p rolas da m e, s mbolos da sua antiga vida.
Ao longo das mais de 400 p ginas deste romance embargamos, junto com El Spoiler alert I loved this book, the characters, the time period, everything I fell in love with Elise and Kit The ending was a bit disappointing though, I feel like the author had written such a detailed book and then she got to the end and rushed it The ending just seemed a bit vague and I m not sure how much I liked Elise marrying Daniel The whole time I was reading the end, I was trying to put myself in Elise s shoes but I just couldn t I know I could never marry the love of my life s father Haha To tell you the truth, up until they had to move away, I was really hoping that Kit would come back into the story, I was hoping he had disappeared for so long because he was out finding Elise s parents such the optimist In general, I d say it was a disappointment, mainly because the story was highly predictable and not original in its set up at all The gist of this story has been written before, much better andenthralling Think Jane Eyre, for example.
The protagonist, Elise Alice, is an omniscient narrator who gives away clues about events that will take place 100 pages later in such a way that even a mildly experienced reader knows exactly what s going to happen The three main events that carry the story were all three clear to me after about 80 pages Why Why does the author break up the story and take away every dynamic within the story by making it so utterly and irritatingly predictable It beats me.
The only reason I continued to read scan the book is because I warmed to the characters and enjoyed the ample descripti

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