Bienfaiteur, Qui D Sire Rester Anonyme, Offre De T Envoyer L Universit En Change, Tu Lui Criras Chaque Mois Une Lettre Donnant Des D Tails Sur Tes Tudes Et Ta Vie L Bas, Une Lettre Comme Tu En Crirais Tes Parents, S Ils Vivaient Encore Pour Jerusha Abbott, Jeune Orpheline Lev E Entre Les Murs D Un Respectable Et Ennuyeux Foyer, La Proposition Est Aussi Surprenante Qu Inesp R E Elle Accepte De Bonne Gr Ce De [ Pdf Daddy-Long-Legs ç 1917 PDF ] by Jean Webster µ Se Plier Aux Exigences De Son Myst Rieux Tuteur Auquel Elle A Donn Le Surnom Affectueux De Papa Longues Jambes .
I highly recommend that men DON T read this, and I highly recommend that women particularly girls who enjoy Little Women, Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, etc basically old fashioned chick flick books with substance DO read this It s sweet and funny and different, not hard to get through in a day or two, and leaves you with a good feeling.
Daddy Long Legs is a delightful short novel written in 1912 Basically it s along the lines of Anne Shirley goes to a girls college It s mostly epistolary, told in the form of letters written by the main character where she talks and jokes about her daily life.
At the beginning of our story, Jerusha is a 17 year old oppressed but imaginative girl who lives and works in an orphanage, where she s grown up She s unexpectedly given the chance to go to college when one of the orphanage trustees reads a humorous English essay that she wrote and offers to pay her way He insists on remaining anonymous to her, but wants her to write him monthly letters telling him of her progress This novel consists of the letters J 1912 2012 .
Ù Daddy-Long-Legs ✓ .
Joudy abott my old friend.

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