Extremely informative and clear.
To A Plebeian Family InBC, Octavian Was A Young Solder Training Abroad When He Heard News Of Julius Caesar S Brutal Assassination And Discovered That He Was The Dictator S Sole Political Heir With The Opportunism And Instinct For Propaganda That Were To Characterize His Rule, Octavian Rallied Huge Financial, Military And Political Backing To Eliminate His Opponents, End The Bloody Turmoil That Had So Long Wracked Rome And, Finally, Take Autocratic Control Of A State Devoted To Download Epub Format ✓ Augustus: Eine Biographie PDF by ✓ Jochen Bleicken Republicanism He Became Augustus Rome S First Emperor, And The Founder Of The Greatest Empire The World Had Ever SeenIn This Monumental Biography, Translated Into English For The First Time By Anthea Bell, Jochen Bleicken Tells The Story Of A Man Who Found Himself A Demi God In His Own Lifetime And Paints A Portrait Of One Of The Most Dramatic Periods Of Roman History An overall very informative and balanced overview of the life of Augustus Though the language is almost definitely too heavy for the casual reader, I would 100% recommend it for any classicist who wants to delve a little deeper into the subject or simply refresh their memory.
Excellent book First and foremost, it should be noted that this is not a biography, whatever the title says It starts during the Ides of March so, as one commenter has said, is just A History of Rome Under Augustus Nevertheless the book is excellently researched, and just as well written though somewhat bizarrely all the notes are unnumbered in the actual body of the text, which I ve never come across before.
Highly recommend.
5 ¹ Augustus: Eine Biographie Ó The book is very well researched The writing is sober and matter of fact No stories, no fiction There is lots of small details about life in roman times under the emperor Augustus Some things were not interesting to me personally so I skipped some chapters, but then again other chapters were highly interesting.
With a translation by Anthea Bell, I was expecting a well written book and I certainly wasn t disappointed This is a fascinating, detailed, look at the life and achievements of Augustus I have learned an awful lot and am glad that I persevered through some of the heavier sections of the book.

You owe everything to your name boy Mark Antony Echoing what most reviewers have already said about this book on Augustus it is in fact not a biography This book isalong the lines as already mentionedlike Rome Under the reign of Augustus That would have irritated me if it had not been for how good this book was The book starts out with the assassination of Caesar on the Ides of March and describes what Gaius Octavian did after that point and how he eventually came to outsmart Mark Antony and his admiral Marcus Vipsania Agrippa defeated him at Actium and eventually drove Antony to kill himself along with Cleopatra Bleicken very clearly is an expert in his topic and writes in a very engaging manner while remaining very matter of fact about his style The book covers everything from peeling back the laye This book is difficult to review It has many fascinating passages Bleicken is clearly a master historian The problem with it is it s length one feels that most of the chapters could be made significantly shorter without any of their import being lost The author s style is like that of many German stylists curiously ponderous, with a lot of seemingly pointless repetition.
Additionally, while you get a real sense of what it was that Augustus did, you get very little sense of how or why In other words, the man himself is obscured by his deeds what was it about him that allowed him to exercise such influence Was he charming or intimidating Was he a master of back room deals, blackmail, or was he just lucky We are given very little sense of what the answers to these questions might be in most of the book.

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