5 starsI got this from my dad when he visited London He thought it was fun to see Swedish Folk Tales in English, and it was I read it and it was a nice interpretation of translating words and old beliefs In a way, I felt connected to my roots and history And also, jeez we love to have bad people described as ugly and good people described as beautiful We also liked to categorise some beings into helpful to humans or evil But apart from that, it was a special read, and John Bauers drawings are so beautiful.
I ve been reading this book for a couple of months The folk tales were great but the illustrations by John Bauer were just wonderful.
What an incredibly sumptuous, beautiful book The illustrations are touchingly lovely, especially those of the trolls And the stories themselves are retold wonderfully well, with humor, poignancy and sensitivity Even in translation, the stories come through marvelously well This book is a real treasure, one to cherish and share for years to come.
I found this book through betterworldbooks.
com I love John Bauer, and have admired many of these illustrations for years without realizing that they were illustrations of actual stories I m trying to draw my reading out by reading one story a day I am in love with this book.
↠´ Swedish Folk Tales á The illustrations are so beautiful Even if they don t always match up with the part of the story being told It must have been incredibly difficult to fit in, given the fact that it s an amalgamation of different books The stories were quite adorable, and well told right pacing, and not too much description, and it is a wonderful book The story of Agneta and the Sea King is particularly enchanting, and stood out right away just from the drawings.

I read these stories over the course of a few months The book was a generous early birthday gift, and it was on my wishlist because it was beautifully illustrated by John Bauer Bauer s influence is clearly seen in the gorgeous work of Brian Froud, the reknowned illustrator who worked with Henson on Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal can you tell I m an 80 s kid Anyway, back to Bauer His prodigious talent shines through every work of art featured in this collection They re not mere illustrations They capture the magic and melancholy and melody that weaves through each story Whether it s a shimmering princess, a little tomte gnome , a bravehearted boy, a Troll, a changeling, a knight or a queen, the figures are luminous against the darkne Darkly beautiful folktales Certainly some will leave you unsatisfied Agneta and the Sea King comes to mind, and regardless it is still my favorite tale in the book but I don t think the point of folktales that are centuries old is to appease a modern morality John Bauer s gorgeous illustrations definitely make the stories come alive.
More or less as impressive as the Norwegian tales I read Most aren t very grand, nor as whimsical as many of the Irish folktales I ve read Still, you ll find a couple of thought provoking concepts in some of these tales, such as a man who steals shadows and a girl with eyes so expressive you could look at her and know exactly what she was thinking And, of course, lots and lots of trolls Perhaps too many trolls I don t know how much inspiration I ve found in these tales I rather think reading the tales of Norse mythology wasinteresting and inspiring But so far nothing beats Irish folktales I am a collector of fairy tales, and this is a lovely sumptuous book, illustrated by the incomparable John Bauer And the Swedish tales are truly delightful one of the best bodies of national folk lore I ve had the privilege of reading I ll be rooting around in this book for a long time, laughing with delight and wonder.
Bauer S original, Evocative Illustrations Bring These Classic Swedish Folk Tales To Life This Collection Includes Elsa Beskow S When Mother Troll Took In The King S Washing The Magician S Cape By Anna Wahlenberg The Seven Wishes By Alfred Smedberg The Ring By Helena Nyblom Stalo And Kauras By PA Lindholm And The Maiden In The Castle Of Rosy Clouds By Harald Download Epub Format é Swedish Folk Tales PDF by ë John Bauer Ostenson

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