August Hiroshima Was Destroyed By The First Atom Bomb Ever Dropped On A City This Book, John Hersey S Journalistic Masterpiece, Tells What Happened On That Day Told Through The Memories Of Survivors, This Timeless, Powerful And Compassionate Document Has Become A Classic That Stirs The Conscience Of Humanity The New York TimesAlmost Four Decades After The original Publication Of This Celebrated Book, John Hersey Went Back To Hiroshima In Search Of The People Whose Stories He Had Told His Account Of What He Discovered About Them [ Pdf Hiroshima ☆ human-capital PDF ] by John Hersey á Is Now The Eloquent And Moving Final Chapter Of Hiroshima 2 3000 This book will 1 Make you cry A lot You will cry on your cigarette break at work so that when you go back to your desk, your coworker will see your ragged eyes and think you just got dumped over the phone or found out your cat died No, you were just reading about something roughly one googolplex worse, but you won t even bother trying to explain because your coworker couldn t give two shits about world history, and hadn t even heard about the 2011 mass murder in Oslo until you explained it to her a few weeks ago Blind, me centric America, folks Scenes from this book will return when you are stuck in traffic, and you will cry some Do not operate a motor vehicle under the influence of this book.
2 Humble you Calling my problems problems is a little difficult after reading this book, which is a high achievement in any artistic endeav

It seems almost indecent to put a rating on this book, I feel as if I am giving all these poor people s horrific suffering an excellent Yet this is a very powerful book, told in a matter of fact, reporting tone and it is an account that puts a human face to this devastation By following certain survivors we come to see and in my case to care greatly about these poor people How much suffering and horror this bomb caused, on innocent people at the mercy of their emperor s decisions People like you and I just trying to live their lives, feed their children, take care of their families Not knowing what happened, what type of new weapon caused this total devastation A young doctor, one of the few available in the immediate aftermath, who tries to take care of those he can with very few supplies and with only one hour of sleep in three days Another Haunting Gut wrenching.
Utterly shame enducing.
In Hiroshima Hersey has cobbled together the tales of a handful of survivors and woven them effortlessly through his narrative to create a spellbinding history lesson not to be forgotten The engrossing eye witness stories are horrifying, too real, and charged with emotion and drama without the least bit of induced melodrama There s no need Hiroshima shows that truth is far terrible than fiction.

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