A man tries to exchange an alarm clock at a store.
I've heard this story or a similar one used as an illustration in sermons.
What should be a simple exchange of a faulty alarm clock quickly turns into a test of patience and common sense in this super short story.
It takes less than 5 minutes to read but you’ll find yourself sympathizing with the customer over the frustrations and contradictions of modern retail practices.

Take a few minutes and read it for yourself: http://www.

This was really fun (hardly 3 baby pages long).
It's about a customer trying to exchange a faulty alarm clock with no proof of purchase.
The end was fun :)

Link: http://www.
ê The Exchange á Here's another supershort story from East of the Web.
This one concerns a customer trying to exchange a faulty alarm clock.
Written completely in dialogue, the story highlights some familiar customer experiences and frustrations.
When did you buy the clock? Is the warranty still valid? Do you have a receipt? Do you have the original packaging? Anyone who's had to return an item at some point can probably relate to some of the frustrating questions asked by the store employee.
All the poor customer wants is an alarm clock that works.

The twist at the end is kind of cute, and also ties in to the modern consumer experience.
I expected there might be something like that, but it was done well enough.
In fact, the author managed to pack quite a bit of story

The Exchange is a short story(only 3 pages!).
The narrator tries to exchange the broken alarm clock but fails to show and proof of purchase.
The shopkeeper refuses to exchange the clock regardless any argument put forward by the narrator which naturally makes him frustrated.
And in the end of a long conversation( which is basically the whole story) with the shopkeeper when the narrator tends to leave the store, exasperated, he is told that there is an offer that day.
If he opens a store card that day he will get 5% off every purchase and (wait for it) a free Alarm Clock!
I enjoyed it.
It took less than 5min to read it! It's good for light reading.
The story "The Exchange" by Jon Langford is a short story and it consists of only a dialog.
The customer comes to the shop and asks the shopassistant to replace a broken alarm clock.

It looks as his request is being refused by the clerk.
All possible options for The Exchange are dismissed because of different reasons (the customer doesn't remember when he bought the item, he didn't keep the original plastic packing and prove of payment.
The seller concluded, "I wouldn't be able to do anything to help.
" The dialog further transmits the feeling of being desperate: "Nothing?" "No.
" "So now I just have a faulty alarm clock forever?"

The story turned to another, optimistic direction in the ending.
Here the last part of the conversation betw A really funny story about a man trying to exchange his broken alarm clock in the store where he bought it.
It's supershort, but it gave me a good laugh when I needed one.
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Fiction, Short Story

“Hello, Sir How May I Help You?”

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