Jude Morgan is an intensely expressive writer, the Bront s are underserved by fiction, and yet I never really believed this novel was about them Morgan s writing style is too purple prosey for the stark Bront s, and he seemed to flit from one character to another just as, I felt, we were on the edge of real revelation The best portrayal is that of Emily, blunt and disengaged she is genuinely funny as a creation, but Morgan never gets behind her oddness, which surely should be the point of a biofic Branwell is a caricature, there is no deep portrayal of the Yorkshire setting despite all the pretty metaphors, and there is an almost willful ignoring of the Bront s reading life, so vitally important to any writer It s nice enough historical fiction, but doesn t get under the skin of his subjects the way Colm Toibin managed in The Master, Cuando la editorial Alianza anunci la reedici n de las tres novelas m s conocidas de las hermanas Bront vi que inclu an un libro que hac a referencia a ellas El sabor de las penas, una novela acerca de sus vidas, una novela, no una biograf a As y todo, me interesaba, igual que me interesa todo lo que tenga que ver con ellas y era un libro del que no hab a tenido noticia hasta ahora No es de extra ar que quisiera leerlo y no voy a negar que estaba un pel n plet rica despu s de leer la joya de Jane Austen en la intimidad Sab a que no ser a igual, pero esperaba que me gustase, de todos modos.
Esta novela de Jude Morgan es arriesgada, se arriesg al publicarla, ya no dir al escribirla, porque ya sab is que las Bront tienen muchos fans y novelar su vida requiere decantase por una versi n de esta, darles perso Emily Anne The Bront Sisters The Drama, The Passion, And A Story That Lives For EverOnce Upon A Time There Were Three Sisters, Bound By Love And Suffering, Growing Up In Wild Isolation In A Lonely House On The Moor Their Story Will Astonish You Their Passionate, Dangerous Closeness Their Struggle Against The World Their Determination To Rise Above The Fates Of Their Parents And Their Other Lost Sisters, To Ó read Ä The Taste of Sorrow by Jude Morgan ☆ Become Than The World Ever Thought They Could Be You Don T Know Their Story, But You Think They Do They Were The Bront S Some time ago, I read The King s Touch by Jude Morgan about James, Duke of Monmouth and loved it, so I m surprised it took me so long to read Morgan s latest novel, The Taste of Sorrow The Taste of Sorrow tells a familiar story, that of the Bronte sisters childhood, rise to fame, and premature deaths, but Morgan manages to make this oft told story seem fresh He doesn t do this by telling his story through an unusual perspective or by adding sensational elements rather, he accomplishes his task through exquisite writing, a dry wit, and rich characterizations Though all of the Bronte siblings emerge with distinct personalities, I especially liked the character of Anne, who s given the honor of uttering one of the funniest lines of the book following a particularly spectacular spree by the sisters wastrel brother, B ↠´ The Taste of Sorrow ß Charlotte and Emily originally published as The Taste Sorrow was a brilliant and beautiful novel I am on such a Bront high after finishing it The novel opens with the death of the mother Maria Bront in 1821 and ends with Charlotte s marriage to Arthur Nicholls in 1854 I m thankful that the book ended before her death because, frankly, I had had enough of death at that point I m not going to go into detail about the lives of the Bront s A simple Google search can fill you in there, so I won t bore you The writing was just beautiful and I felt that Morgan totally got it From what I ve gathered, the personalities of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne were written spot on I felt the sadness and the loneliness the heartbreak and the disappointment and finally, success I loved the Although much is known about the Bronte sisters and their shared passion for writing it s difficult to make it through high school without reading one or both of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights Morgan s exploration of the Bronte family, their struggles, and the early losses that shaped their writing is so fresh it makes you want to read their work all over again The author effortlessly draws you into the Bronte s world, their lonely isolation, the constant struggle for money, and the profound closeness of the family relationships.
The insular nature of the Bronte s life meant that they were largely cut off from any kind of society Writing was a means of both escape and entertainment They wrote constantly, sharing their work with one another and eventually drawing on one another s support to embark on the dari Historical fiction about the Brontes Charlotte, Anne, Emily and Branwell I struggled with this book A lot The beginning was engaging and the end was simply on fire But the middle seemed weighted down with a lot of detail about the girls times as governesses and teachers and understand quite quickly that was not what they wanted to do I m not going to tell any author how to write their book, but that section was heavy and took forever to wade through I get the point Jane Eyre is Charlotte, but I didn t need 200 pages of it The writing was gorgeous I wish that had been enough to keep the midsection, well, interesting The last 70 pages of the book is the chunk that we all want to know about the writers creating their famous books, what inspired them how they worked together How they revealed themselves after writing under pseudonyms T

This is my second historical fiction novel by Jude Morgan, and I am officially a fan The Brontes provide amazing fodder for any author, but Morgan is skilled enough to bring them to complex, breathing life Wuthering Heights is one of my very favorite books, and Emily and all the Brontes fascinates me When I was twenty and studying abroad in England, I made a pilgrimage of sorts that involved two trains and three busses, the last of which was a rickety local on which my only companions were a handful of friendly Yorkshire farmers wives to Haworth and the Bronte Museum It was one of my favorite experiences in England, and I spent hours walking alone on the windswept moors I could vividly imagine how such a setting produced a brilliant, creative, lonely introvert like Emily Morgan captures her and her sib ten a que aprender de nuevo a escribir Hasta entonces, hab a sido una actividad compartida la luz de la l mpara, las lecturas en voz alta, los paseos alrededor de la mesa Nosotras tres Ahora era una batalla con dos frentes el arte y la soledad A veces, cuando se sentaba a trabajar despu s de que su padre se retirase a dormir, dejaba la pluma suspendida en el aire y escuchaba El silencio del comedor estaba tan pre ado de presencias, que reclamaba tu atenci n y te hac a pensar que de ah ten a que salir algo Se dir a que el aire hab a retenido sus aromas y sus voces las sombras de la pared pr cticamente se concretaban en la delgadez de Emily, el esbelto perfil de Anne Una especie de alegr a enfermiza la paralizaba y quedaba a la espera, In this novel Mr.
Morgan does it again, he achieves sublime precision to what the Bront sisters lives might have been, mastering the art of combining fiction with reality The result this achingly real tale of sorrow.
Although not a biographical work, it s incredibly easy to believe his version of the facts Fiction Maybe I think some events described must have been invented, but still, Morgan shows his deep understanding of the time, the place and the people which crossed the path of these three unconventional sisters, making the story astonishingly believable.
The book begins with the death of Maria Branwell, mother of the Bront children, who leaves her severe husband, Patrick Bront , with 5 girls and an only boy to rise At first, the story focuses on the surroundings of the famous girls Charlotte, Emily and Anne, especially in their horrible experience

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