This is only the second graphic novel I have ever read but this was LOVELY.
The artwork is beautiful and it read like poetry.
A thoughtful and gorgeous meditation on love in its many forms.
Julie Maroh's introduction to Body Music explains that she wrote the story specifically to show that love and sex happen with all kinds of people, not just heteronormative cisgendered folks.
While I firmly applaud that storytelling vision, the way she's actually gone about it is.
just not all that interesting.

Body Music is composed of about two dozen very short stories, each detailing a night of passion or season of longing or something in between.
We never really get to know the characters, so it very quickly becomes a guessing game for what type of sexual relations we'll encounter in the next story.
I feel like that completely defeats Maroh's purpose.
We're supposed to read this collection as a way of seeing that everyone, no m Robergeau, Corps sonores, Finistre, France Corps sonores A Pour Vocation De Crer Des Changes Humains Et Artistiques Au Coeur De La Rencontre, La Musique Et Le Mouvement Tissent Un Lien Entre Tous CORPS SONORE Cours De Chant, Formations Corps Et VoixCORPS SONORE, Association Et Organisme De Formation Professionnelle Pour Activits Autour Du CHANT, De La VOIX Parle Et Chante, Du Travail Corporel Et Vocal, Du Coaching Vocal, Du Dveloppement Personnel Et De L Art Thrapie Par Le Corps Et La Voix, [ read Online Corps sonores Õ sustainability PDF ] by Julie Maroh ↠´ Du CHANT Prnatal, S Appuyant Sur La Mthode De La PSYCHOPHONIE Et De La PSYCHOPHONOLOGIE Corps sonores Srie De Podcasts Couter France Culture Corps sonores Une Srie De Podcasts Par France Culture Dcouvrez Toutes Les Sries Audio, Documentaires Et Fictions Couter Gratuitement En Ligne Corps sonores BD, Informations, Cotes Corps sonores Est Un Ouvrage La Fois Universel Et Rsolument Contemporain Dans Ce Qu Il Donne Voir De La Ralit Humaine Tout Sur La Srie Corps sonoresCorps sonores Maroh, Julie Livres Corps sonores Est Un Ouvrage La Fois Universel Et Rsolument Contemporain Dans Ce Qu Il Donne Voir De La Ralit Humaine Corps sonores Julie Maroh Babelio A Travers Ces Corps sonores, Ces Saynettes Empruntes La Jeunesse De Montral, Elle Veut Rendre Visible Ceux Qu On Ne Reprsentent Pas Que Ce Soit En Bande Dessine Ou En Ailleurs, Le Couple Reste Majoritairement Une Entit Trs Strotype Essentiellement Htrosexuel, Mme Si Le Couple Homosexuel Commence Tre Mis En Scne Comme Une Normalit Embrasse Moi Corps sonores Ditions Glnat Corps sonores Est Un Ouvrage La Fois Universel Et Rsolument Contemporain Dans Ce Qu Il Donne Voir De La Ralit Humaine Ina Corps sonores Corps sonores Composition De Linda Bujoli Christian Zanesi En Mai , Lors De La Premire Dition Du Festival INASOUND, L INA Et La Photographe Linda Bujoli Avaient Convi Dans Le Cadre De Son Projet Call To Light Dix Figures Emblmatiques De La Musique Lectronique CommeCorps sonoresCorps sonores Passer Au Contenu Principal Bonjour, Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Retours Et Commandes Testez Prime Panier Toutes Nos Catgories Go Rechercher Bonjour EntrezTourbillonne, Corps sonores, Finistre , France Propos Par Corps sonores Auteures Interprtes Claire Audrey Kennedy, Magali Robergeau Corps sonores Prsentation L Veil Des Petits Le Rveil Des Plus Grands Spectacles Musiciennes Agenda Contact Plus En Voir Plus TOURBILLONNE Spectacle Musical De La Naissanceans Depuis Leur Jardin Imaginaire, Deux Amies Complices S Inventent Un Monde Duquel S Chappe De This graphic novel is translated from the French.
Each section is a different relationship story, and they run the gamut in relationship stages, the types of people in the relationships, and whether or not they have happy endings.
The art is beautiful and I enjoyed Montreal as a setting.
My only complaint is that I genuinely did not want them to end.

Translation wise, there is one moment where the translation of slang does not ring true, but overall this did not detract from my enjoyment.

Thanks to the publisher for providing access through Edelweiss.
Review to come.

Overall a varied and interesting collection of relationships and experiences.
Some are more wellrounded than others, and a couple of the short and seemingly incomplete stories come back into play later in the collection.

The art style is really interesting, somehow simple but complex all at once.

I wanted to like this.
I was a big fan of her earlier book, but this didn't work for me.
There are 21 unconnected short stories herein.
The faces look too much alike, I was probably halfway through before I realized that the stories were not connected.
I kept trying to match the people up, because the stories are plotless slices of life.
They don't start, they don't end, and I don't get a sense of the people other than that tiny slice.
I wanted more depth.
ò Corps sonores ç Julie Maroh wrote that her intention with Body Music was to illustrate the realities of "bowlegged, chubby, ethnic, trans, pierced, scarred, ill, disabled, old, [and] hairy" people who are too often "outside all the usual aesthetic categories" that we associate with love stories.
Though some of these stories were simple in terms of dialogue and scope, the beautiful, surprising, and innovative images in this graphic novel do justice to her intention.
There is something gentle and cozy about each of the vignettes in Body Music, and it is really affirming to see so many relationships constructed of people who are "outside" of socially normative aesthetic categories depicted with such sincere tenderness.
A few panels in particular like those that illustrated a deaf man's hands signing in an argument with his partner were so creati

One of the most beautiful creations I've laid eyes on this year.
Body Music, Maroh’s third book, is about love in its many forms and stages, with a range of ethnicities and sexualities, some happy, some sad.
I read Skandalon and Blue is the Warmest Color and liked them all right, 3 stars each.
I think this book is a little more ambitious, and features maybe some advance in her warm watercolor art.
Blue focused on one relationship and this book features 21 vignettes of love, lust, and relationships.
One guy is in a wheelchair; with one couple, one guy is married to a woman, and he has an affairIt’s called “Fuck Buddies”with a guy.
Some are sexy, some are sad, some are funny, and so on.
I think the range might have something to offer anyone, and they are set in seemingly romantic Montreal.
The point is clearly inclusivity.

I am having trouble articulating why I am not raving ab read for Popsugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge: read a book tied to your ancestry

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