Allistar Life Is Divided Into Two Stages For Me Before And After Unfortunately, I M Not Coping So Well In The After Stage My Parents Decide Transferring Me To A New School For My Last Semester Of High School Will Knock Me Out Of My Funk As If A New Location Is The Cure For Your Boyfriend Dying In A Terrible Car Accident I Go Along With It, Though, I Mean, What Download Epub Format ✓ The Loner (Daughters of Destiny #1) PDF by Í K.
Grace Other Choice Do I Have I Only Have One Goal At The New School Be Invisible Turns Out, Small Towns Have Nothing Better To Do Than Gawk At The New Girl Great I Instantly Despise Everyoneexcept Him Drake Knight Town Bad Boy, Walks In A Cloud Of Mystery, And Turns Girls Into Goo Not Usually My Type Yet, For Some Reason, I M Drawn To Him Like A Diabetic In A Candy StoreBut There S Just One Teeny, Tiny Problem He Turns Into A Wolf And Not Just That, But He S An Important Wolf Boy Whose Boss Is A Powerful Angel And Has Some Intense Enemies Of The Demonic Persuasion I Mean, We Re Talking Psycho Fallen Angels Who Want To Take Over The World Type Of Intense How Do I Explain That One To The Parents Anyway, I Once Thought My Heart Belonged To The One I Lost, But Nownow I M Not So SureDrake Knight I Don T Do Love I Tried It Once, And She Ended Up Dead In A Ravine So, I Tend To Keep My Distance From People It S Better That Way Safer Yet, When Star Allistar Walks Into The Band Room And Flashes Those Big, Solemn Green Eyes At Me, I M A Goner There S Just One Problem She S Human, And Humans Don T Survive In My World But I Won T Let That Stop Me She S My Purpose, My Hope, My Mate, And I M Prepared To Kill Anyone Who Tries To Jeopardize Her HappinessIn A Twist Of Fate, Two Other Shifters Also Believe Star Is Their Mate There Can Only Be One I Ve Never Had To Fight For Love Didn T Even Know My Heart Still Worked But Now Now All Bets Are Off Star Is Mine I Just Have To Make Her See It, Before It S Too LateThree Male Shifters, An Angry Fallen Angel, And A Depressed High School What Could Possibly Go Wrong I really enjoyed this series It was a little slow moving in the very beginning, but worth it Once it got going I didn t want to put it down I especially liked that the passionate scenes didn t get super hot and heavy, although a few might be too much for some young teens.
DNF at 65%I tried, I really tried, but I wasn t feeling it The book isn t terrible, just nothing at all was happening, except the romance I guess and I didn t particularly care for the romance Also, I ve read so many books almost exactly like this There were some new ideas, but I honestly felt like it was checking off a checklist of YA paranormal musts heroine has a unique name heroine moves to new town after tragedy meets hero, who is the hot loner guy at her new school and has never been in serious relationship hot guy has a secret pssst He is a supernatural creature hot guy is hundreds of years old and still in high school for some reason hot guy and heroine are meant to be but multiple people want her I m just tired of seeing the same thing in so many paranormal YA books I might ve enjoyed thiswhen I was fourteen and these I like the idea behind the book and the characters, but there were times that the book dragged and I had to put it down for a while before becoming interested enough again to pick it back up Will definitely read book 2 cuz I gotta know what happens º The Loner (Daughters of Destiny #1) Ü Good read Very well written kept me intrigued and wanting to know .
definitely recommend to read want to read rest of series before giving a full review AwwIt s sad she lost her first love like that but I see drake point everything happens for a reason that brought them to that point they are Star is strong but she doubts herself a lot.
LoveThis book so good I could not put it done I just wish they could have been together but in the next book there going to be a another guy I don t know if I well like e that Star dealt with a devastating loss In high school she lost the love of her life Or so she thought It wrecked her life having him dead while she was still alive After months of her parents hoping she would turn around her life and end the depression, they moved her Not just to another town but another state She acts like a normal teenager that way and hates it Then she meets the bad boy that every girl wants He comes like you expect, tall, dark and handsome She is drawn to him in ways she never expected and can t get enough of him What s he is the same with her Drake is a Supreme Alpha shifter and is falling head over heels for Star He will do anything he can to protect her, even if it means he will die If you put aside the legend being Cherokee and just enjoy the story this book is wonderful I love that Star isn t really a hero She is just your typic When I started The Loner, I was only able to read about 4 pages before I was forced to put it down Even after only reading those few pages, I knew that I was going to have to pick this book back up.
and soon Well, I did pick it back up and I am really glad that I did The story sucks you in, yes there are some flaws, but they are easily swept away Star is a great character After the death of her boyfriend she is left in a dark place The story follows her as she is dealing with her grief She does not know if she will ever love again This is extremely problematic, seeing as she somehow gets in the middle of something major This something major is Star having to choose between three, and yes I do mean three, different guys She is going to have an EXTREMELY difficult decision to make Oh, and did I mention that her choice has some major consequences Well of course it does Wow just WOW Great Shifter read Let me first say that I don t give five stars out unless I feel it is a classic OR the book makes me want to read MORE This cliffhanger of an ending is leaving me with such a book hangover I wantI must continue to the NEXTlike NOW Every page turned made me excited to continue I haven t read a book like this in a long while It would fall under YA and the steamy,passion between the two main characters leaves you breathlesseven though it is PG 13 for now If you were a fan of Twilight Saga s character Jacob then, Drake Knight is your Alpha on sexy steroids Those who like paranormal romances with great detail and flowwith a palpable plot read THIS NOW

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