I like m m I like fantasy I like Victorian Gothic I wrote an m m Victorian Gothic fantasy Well, someone had to If you re wondering what s the deal with the magpiesBritish people count magpies There s a rhyme everyone knows, of which the most common variant starts, One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy This book began its life when I pointed to three magpies in the park and told my daughter, Look, three for a girl, and she said, But how did they know I d be here Which got me thinking about what would happen if the magpies did know, and what magpie magic would entail, and what sort of things might happen to a man haunted by magic he didn t understand, and where he might turn for help Be This was my first M M Romance and I can t believe how much I enjoyed it I would never have tried this genre or this author it weren t for my 2 GR friends MsSmartarse and Roxana who convinced me to give The Magpie Lord a try after praising this series like two teenage fangirls After I read it I understood why and I think I might join the fanclub I am not usually a fan of romance but if you throw in some fantasy and a set the novel in Victorian London then I might catch the bait Which I did Lucien Vaudrey returns to London from his forced exile in Shanghai in order to assume his role as Lord Crane after his father and brother died in suspicious circumstance Soon after his return he starts to have suicidal tendencies and is stopped in the last moments by his loyal valet Realizing something unnatural is going on, the new lord hires a local shaman to help him

What do I say and how many times can I say I loved it I was enthralled with Magpie, its a sensational story Lucien and Stephen are gorgeous MC s and their sizzling hot and bothered loving is so passionately, perfect Eerie magpies, brilliant and fresh writing, creepy, gripping witchery Best of all, is the unforgettable and awesome tattoos, damn fascinating and magically twisty, I never saw that coming and it surprised the hell out of me Can t wait for the sequel, if it was available now I would have pounced, its that bloody good.
85 stars rounded up to 5 starsThis is another book that I will not even consider without the reviews from my Goodreads friends Historical is not my genre of choice so any titles with historical tag will be low priority for me However, I am a huge fan of mystery and paranormal Contemplating the positive reviews and the fact that this story had paranormal mystery element, I decided to take the plunge.
And what a delightful surprise it wasThe story opened with Crane trying to commit suicide it wasn t because he wanted to do it, he was persuaded by force of evil Merrick, Crane s manservant, told his Lord to look for help from a shaman Entered Stephen Day, a magic practitioner who had every reasons to hate Cran OMGtardiness is my pet peeve and I m SO LATE to the party I ve seen you all read and rave over this book and I really wanted to read itI swear I did But, you knowI justdon t love historicals And I don t love paranormal And and.
all this other fluffy stuff was calling out to me boink that s me hitting myself upside the head Silly girl Silly, silly girl What a FUN read And not just fun, but CREEPY And not just fun and creepy, but HOT And not just fun and creepy and hot, but HILARIOUS I loved the story premise.
I loved CraneCrane, he makes me laugh, and he s sexy as all get out, but there s somethingsadabout himthat makes me want to shower all my affection onto him.
I loved Stephenthe little man ok, honestly, I could ha 3.
5 stars I deeply regret to announce that this review is probably going to be all over the place Not all my fault, though.
Because, confidence I wanted to write acharm recipe reviewfor this book, because obviously, this hysterical story called for it or, made me think it was a good idea so as I m not expert on witchcraft understatement of the year , of course I thought Hey, Google is your friend on thisSo I gently typed something along the lines of, love spell recipe , and bloody hellLet me tell you, Google knows its job Anyway,I clicked on links,I started forgetting why the hell I was looking at this rubbish no offense for those who believe in that that s not my fault, my mind is Cartesian by essence All of that is to say that unfortunately I won t be able to write a spell review, whatever that means They lost me at incoherent crap Repe ↠´ The Magpie Lord æ Love Sex Magic sigh love that song And this book totally put me in the mood for it.
But in context to this book, it slike Magic, SexLove, maybe I m sure by now you ve read and seen multiples of people losing their minds for this book Body parts and fluids in awe of this book Buzz, buzz buzz The overtaking of everyone s news feeds, I secretly dubbed it Magpie gate.
When books are super popular, so soon since it s release and everyone lays 5 star reviews like free candy, I usually go and plan on reading said buzz book later months later if possible But I was nudged to read this sooner And I am so happy that I did.
Cause it was really good I m a story girl I m not one to look for literary masterpieces because it just leads to disappointment I love a good Actual rating 3.
75 stars Okay, let s get a few things straight before we begin YES, I did read this book semi willingly.
And YES, I nearly almost practically rated it 4 bloody shrimping stars.
And YES, I am actually going to read the next book in the series.
So please go ahead and do all the gasping and fainting you need to do right now, so that we can move on and stuff Thank thee kindly Nicely done A question, though what s with the feathers, my Little Barnacles I mean, last time I checked arthropods didn t look like chickens and stuff You re a weird bunch of decapods, you know.
So I didn t DNF or hate the fish out of this book because It s a delightfully improbable mix of paranormal stuff, Victorian stuff, mystery stuff and M M romance A Lord In Danger A Magician In Turmoil A Snowball In HellExiled To China For Twenty Years, Lucien Vaudrey Never Planned To Return To England But With The Mysterious Deaths Of His Father And Brother, It Seems The New Lord Crane Has Inherited An Earldom He S Also Inherited His Family S Enemies He Needs Magical Assistance, Fast He Doesn T Expect It To Turn Up AngryMagician Stephen Day Has Good Reason To Hate Crane S Family Unfortunately, It S His Job To Deal With Supernatural Threats Besides, õ The Magpie Lord º Download by ë K.
Charles The Earl Is Unlike Any Aristocrat He S Ever Met, With The Tattoos, The Attitude And The Way Crane Seems Determined To Get Him Into Bed That S Definitely UnusualSoon Stephen Is Falling Hard For The Worst Possible Man, At The Worst Possible Time But Crane S Dangerous Appeal Isn T The Only Thing Rendering Stephen Powerless Evil Pervades The House, A Web Of Plots Is Closing Round Crane, And If Stephen Can T Find A Way Through It They Re Both Going To Die Warning Contains Hot M M Sex Between A Deeply Inappropriate Earl And A Very Confused Magician, Dark Plots In A Magical Version Of Victorian England, Family Values Not The Good Kind , And A Lot Of Swearing Review also found at Dust Off Your MacHalo Blog.
This is my first review in 2018 It was a buddy read with my MacHalo ladies surprise surprise This year, we are doing themes for our books of the month and January was paranormal romance The Magpie Lord was the winner.
This book also fits one of the challenges in the 2018 Madcap MacHalo Fantabulous Bookish Challenge Extravaganza MMFBCEMystery and Mischief One down, eleven to go The Magpie Lord is a paranormal mystery with romance It s about a man named Crane or Lord Crane, as he has recently inherited an earldom and a justiciar named Stephen Day, who is basically a magician or mage or whatever you would like to call it.
Someone is trying to kill Crane and they are using magic to do it Dirty, dark magic Warlocks.
The story is about Crane and

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