It didn t take long to fall in love with Sam Russo It took even less time to want to take Jane home This is modern noir, dark and funny and light and sad I hope Longfellow writes a lot of Sam Russo They re terrific.
I ve now come to the last of the Sam Russos for now I ve checked I was promised there would beWhen When I m addicted If ever a series of mysteries NOT written in the 40s FELT like the 40s, this series does You can see it all, feel it all And Sam What a great lead Sweet and salty at the same time Not to mention Mrs Willingford I could drink a warehouse of her And then there s Jane I want this dog I have to have this dog MORE SAM RUSSO Jane A Dog And Sam A Man Not To Mention Mrs Willingford, A Woman Of Great Means In So Many Ways Take On A Whole Hidden Club Of Murderous Perverts Well, Jane Can With The Help Of The Irish MobHolly Lives In RoomB, The Shabby Room Next To Sam Russo S She S A Man He S A Woman Sam Doesn T Care He Likes Holly His Dog Jane Likes Holly Download Epub Format ¸ The Girl in the Next Room (A Sam Russo Mystery, #3) PDF by À Ki Longfellow Life Is Fine Until A Lagonda Rolls Through Stapleton, A Small Town On The Northern End Of Staten Island Getting Into That Car, Holly S Just Turned The Worst Trick Of Her Life When Holly Disappears, Russo, Private Eye, And Jane, Than A Partner, Find Themselves Lost In A Sordid World Of Hidden Mansions, A Twisted Social Club, And High Society Secret Cabals I read the first book because I admire this writer and wanted to see what she d do with mystery Got through Shadow Roll A Sam Russo Mystery, 1 in one long exciting night So I began the next one the very next day Good Dog, Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery, 2 And then the next The Girl in the Next Room Basically I read all three in three days I d be reading one now if I could Great stuff As for Jane, I want her Ç The Girl in the Next Room (A Sam Russo Mystery, #3) ☆ My latest greatest fave rave detective crave All the stuff I like in a murder mystery Really mysterious I never saw the solutions coming Great lead characters In this case, there are two besides Sam Russo himself Both of them have the goods for their own series Great atmosphere Staten Island and Manhattan in the late 40s Sharp sassy dialogue I eat this stuff up.
Can t wait for the next Sam Russo These books are right up my dark alley The third book in this new series that did it I am now a fan of Ki Longfellow This woman can write anything Deeply profound spiritual fiction Fantasy horror Historical noir Her Sam Russo series is a total delight I am in love with Sam and Jane and Mrs Willingford Oh, and Holly.
With each book, these just keep getting better It s not so much the mystery although there s a great mystery in each one, it s the time and the place but most of all the characters I am in love with Sam and Mrs Willingford As for Sam s dog Jane, I d take her home in a second.

I haunt the book racks looking for new mystery series They re coming at me from all directions I think there s even a zombie detective, or maybe that s a vampire detective Gag me with a stake But here is the real deal Real period New York in the late 40s Mean streets Murder Mayhem And a detective to love and walk with wherever he goes I LOVE Sam Russo In the orphanage from hell, no one gave him a name so he named himself His parents are the people he sees at the movies He s in love with dead Carol Lombard He s a horse racing nut He loves to read exactly what I love to read classic noir Only for him, it s fresh off the presses He wants to be tough He s a softie But he s pretty good at acting tough He s funny He s sad He s picked up two sidekicks who could hold a book on their own I now sit and jones for my next Sam Russo fix This I love this writer The Secret Magdalene and Flow Down Like Silver Hypatia of Alexandria are two of the best books I ve ever read When Longfellow crossed over into horror fantasy I read Houdini Heart and loved itthan I ever thought I would So when she wrote murder mysteries I went there too I can tell these are terrific books They re different and funny and sad and I never saw any of the solutions coming But mysteries aren t my thing so even though I ll bet Sam Russo is a great series and deserves to be read, I couldn t give himthan three stars which means I liked him, but I didn t love him Although, now with this third book, the whole thing is growing on me I know me though, if Longfellow writes another Sam and Jane, I ll read it As I said, I love this writer.

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