Was At The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time It Was Supposed To Be Just Another Night Of Partying For Hayley Larson That Is, Until Things Go Horribly Wrong She Witnesses Her Father S Brutal Murder And Barely Escapes With Her Life Now Orphaned, Hayley S Life Quickly Goes On A Downward Spiral She Is Passed From One Guardian To Another And Eventually Ends Up In The Infamous Downright High, A Place Meant To Discipline Even The Nastiest, Most Despicable Delinquent She Is Abruptly Thrown Into A Life [Lauren Jackson] ì Downright Delinquents [the-1700s PDF] read Online å Where Indoor Brawls, School Lockdowns, And Torturous Hours Of Disciplinary Isolation Are All Expected To Happen Before Dinner Amidst The Madness, Hayley Meets Colin An Arrogant Yet Irresistibly Captivating Delinquent With His Own Set Of Issues The Attraction Between Them Is Unmistakable And Just When They Begin To Open Up To Each Other, Hayley S Dark Past Catches Up With Her Will Colin Look Beyond His Own Problems And Reach Out To Help Hayley Or Will He Serve As The Final Straw That Will Finally Push Her To The Brink Of Self Destruction Get A Copy Now And Join Hayley And Colin As They Sift Through The Riddles Of Love, Deception, And Survival In The Perilous Halls Of Downright High Definitely went on my favorites list Downright DelinquentsThis is a cautionary tale of life for troubled teens When her father is murdered her life do i s out of control She has no one to turn too She ends up in a struck boarding school But things there are not right Will she be able to get out alive There is so much too g against her Will she be able to trust anyone This book was amazing.
↠´ Downright Delinquents Õ This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here i liked what this story was about, i really liked the plot and what not but it just lacked something for me i didnt quite like the main character i thought she was really angry and aggressive towards everyone even with people who werent rude to her at times, and then those scenes where shed always pull out her pocket knife where really cringy also colin was kinda boring as well he just told her his story and he kinda disappeared i think i really just liked the ending because i really wasnt i liked what this story was about, i really liked the plot and what not but it just lacked something for me i didn t quite like the main c I loved that this wasn t the whole good girl, bad boy trope all over again Hayley and Colin both had their demons and watching them fight them together was an amazing experience.
5 stars Almost I almost really liked this book,,,,all the way up until the author threw a the sixth sense plot twist at the end It was over written and just plain too far fetched that it lost me completely I was literally so bummed, it went from 4 stars to 2 stars all because of the ridiculous plot twist at the end Ugh, Im still sad.

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