Fierce bleak poetry, sometimes black at heart, and furious I found it impressive, but feel divorced from it at the same time this comes from a world that I only see in shadows I do understand the components of grief and rage, though, and this book is filled with that.
Wonderful poems Some were definitely way better than others, but none of them were mediocre I can relate to Urrea s experiences almost verbatim at times, so there is a chance I am biased in my review Definitely worth reading and reading again

Ä Ghost Sickness: A Book of Poems Ç Some haunting touching poetry from Luis Alberto Urrea.
the grief he describes when his father dies is so touching, it brought tears to my eyes Beautiful little book.
Urrea Confronts Head On The Ghosts And Contradictions Of His Being His Father, A Dark And Crazy Macho Mexicano Who Luis Admired And Dreaded As A Young Boy His Proud And Lonely Anglo Mother, So Out Of Place In The Heat Of Tijuana And The Conflict Of Cultures And Languages In His Psyche Ghost Sickness Drives Into That Confusion With The Same Kind Of Intensity That Goaded Luis Father When He Drove His Rambler Into The Sonoran Desert On His Trailer Á Ghost Sickness: A Book of Poems PDF by Á Luis Alberto Urrea Fatal Journey

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