Year Old Sydney Is Overwhelmed By The Excitement Of The Recruitment Campaigns And The Bravado Of Men Leaving For The Great War Bursting With Enthusiasm, He Runs Away To Join Up, But Soon Finds Himself A Long Way From Home In A Frontline Trench Where Reality And The Rats Begin To Bite Told Through Sydney S Optimistic Letters Home And His Journal, This Is His Honest Portrayal Of The Disillusionment And Degradation Of Life And Death In The Trenches Of World War Trailer ê One Boys War PDF by ↠´ Lynn Huggins-Cooper I Suggested Grade Levels 5th Grade Middle SchoolGenre Historical FictionThemes Self Discovery, Growing Up, Understanding War and DeathOften times there is a misconception of what war really is Many think that it is a brave and exemplary experience, but once in the harsh realities of it, think otherwise One Boy s War is the tale of Sydney, a sixteen year old boy from France and his desperation to join the fight in WWI When Sydney hears of his father leaving to fight, he feels he wants to join the fight as well He ends up faking his age and joining the army without his mother s consent The book is told from Sydney s perspective and starts with a very patriotic view of joining the war, but as Sydney becomes and a part of the war battles, his perceptions of the war and

ä One Boys War ä I read it for an assignment It s a really tragic story and I think it shows how the war affects people and makes everyone so misereble in a really simple way.

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