Man With No Memory A Woman With Strange Dreams An Orphan Girl, All Alone In The World Three Lost Souls, Brought Together By Fate, Journey Across The Christmas Landscape Of New York City, Seeking Answers To An Unfolding And Ever Growing Mystery, Watched Over By Sister Regina, The Head Of The Convent Where They Are Staying As They Begin To Find Answers, As They Begin To Discover And Clues To Lauren And Brinn S Identities, Something Stalks Them An Ancient And Deadly Evil ì Hearth á Download by ✓ M.
Jenks From Before The Dawn Of Recorded History A Clock Is Ticking Now, And They Must Solve The Mystery Of Their Origins And Who They Are Soon For It Is Not Just They And Everyone Around Them Who Are Threatened The Entire Fate Of Humanity And Of Two Worlds Is In Peril, Unless They Find Answers, And Find Answers Soon What You Hold In Your Hands Is The Beginning Of An Apocalyptic Fantasy It Is Also A Complete Story Inbooks, Or Seasons Exile, Return, Rebellion And Armageddon I Invite The Reader To Come In, Stay Awhile And Get Comfortable If You Like What You See, Maybe You Re Willing To Go A Little Further Let The Story, And Those Who Struggle Against Impossible Odds, Draw You In And Carry You Away To Hearth è Hearth ✓ I found Exile to be an intriguing read that flowed nicely in the way the knowledge of the situation was given to the reader The characters are realistic and you find yourself caring for their well being You can tell immediately that the main characters are from a different time or location due to their speech, but it s not difficult to read The author also has a unique voice that works well for him The novel is thorough and intelligent and is one of the first novels I have read in this genre I picked the novel up because I read about it on Library Thing and it sounded very interesting it was I m glad that I chose to expand my typical reading pool and can t wait for the next installment The ending worked very well, as it wrapped up the story nicely, but still left the reader wanting .
I believe that the star system should allow for.
5 stars, and if it did I would give this 4.
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Hearth Exile is most definitely one of those reads that draws you in gradually Set in modern day New York, the main character immediately grips you, but it s the quiet unravelling of his story that begins to stir your interest and curiosity At the outset of this book you don t even know the main characters name, for he himself has amnesia and has no idea who he is However, for those who worry that this read will take a while to get into, Jenks beautifully crafted New York cityscape is superbly drawn It s winter, it s desolate, but the Big Apple continues to shine in all its beauty, and adds as much to the story as a supporting character.
As the story progresses, the main character s identity is revealed and he starts to remember aspects of his past life This is particularly sparked when he meets Lauren a stunning woman that he s sure he s met before She o Review originally posted at fantasy tale about amnesia, but not alcohol inducedHave you ever had too much to drink Have you ever woken up with an awful headache, maybe wearing less clothes than would be your preference, or in a strange place How did you get there Floating in this haze, you reach for the nearest pain killers or strong cup of coffee Maybe you have woken up half in half out a trash can with no memory of how you got there This is the case with the man we are introduced to in Health Exile From this point on, we are led through the streets of New York by this homeless man with amnesia Luckily, when we drink too much, and maybe don t remember how got to the bed, floor, or back alley that we wake up in, this is a brief and quickly explained condition Not so for the protagonist of Hearth Exile.
The Good Hearth Exile is not

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