An W Jawhar Was An Egyptian Exegete Known For Having Produced A Scientific Interpretation Of The Qur N A Pioneering Scholar In Terms Of Familiarising The People Of His Time With Many Previously Neglected Matters Regarding Islam And Science, His Publications Shocked The Cairo Educational System And Other Muslim Places Of Learning In The Early Twentieth Century This Book Examines The Intersection Between An W Jawhar And Egyptian History And Culture, And Demonstrates That His Approach To Science In The Qur N Was Intimately Connected To His Social [Majid Daneshgar] ✓ Tantawi Jawhari and the Qur'an: Tafsir and Social Concerns in the Twentieth Century [zambia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Concerns Divided Into Three Parts, Part One Contains Three Chapters Which Each Introduce Different Aspects Of An W Jawhar Himself The Second Part Explores The Main Aspects Of His Tafs R, Discussing His Approach To Science And The Qur N, And How He Presented Europeans In His Tafs R, And Then Addressing The Impact Of His Tafs R On Wider Muslim And Non Muslim Society The Third Section Draws Attention To The Themes From AllS Ras Of The Qur N That Are Discussed Within His Commentary It Then Analyses The Current Status Of His Views And The Post Jawharism Perspective On Science And The Qur N, Both Today And In An Imaginary Future, InProviding New English Translations Of An W Jawhar S Work, The Book Delivers A Comprehensive Assessment Of This Unique Figure, And Emphasises The Distinctive Nature Of His Reading Of The Qur N The Book Will Be A Valuable Resource For Anyone Studying Modern Egypt, The Qur N, Islam And Science, And Scientific Interpretation And Inimitability

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