Is On The Rise More Than A Third Of All Adults Report Experiencing It, With The Figure Climbing Steeply Among Those Over Sixty Five Marina Benjamin Takes On Her Personal Experience Of The Condition Her Struggles With It, Her Insomniac Highs, And Her Dawning Awareness That States Of Sleeplessness Grant Us Valuable Insights Into The Workings Of Our Unconscious Minds Although Insomnia Is Rarely Entirely Welcome, Benjamin Treats It Less As An Affliction Than As An Encounter That She Engages With And Plumbs [Marina Benjamin] ✓ Insomnia [world-of-warcraft PDF] read Online µ She Adds New Dimensions To Both Our Understanding Of Sleep And Going Without It And Of Night, Of How We Perceive DarknessAlong The Way, Insomnia Trips Through Illuminating Material From Literature, Art, Philosophy, Psychology, Pop Culture, And Benjamin Pays Particular Attention To The Relationship Between Women And Sleep Penelope Up All Night, Unraveling Her Day S Weaving For Odysseus The Pre Raphaelite Artists Depictions Of Deeply Sleeping Women And The Worries That Keep Contemporary Females Awake Insomnia Is An Intense, Lyrical, Witty, And Humane Exploration Of A State We Too Often Consider Only Superficially This Is The Song Of Insomnia, And I Shall Sing It, Marina Benjamin Declares Some of this book is quite disjointed and seemed unnecessarily wordy, but the parts that weren t made me feel like I was understood by an old friend If you have insomnia, this is a comforting read.
When I think of Insomnia s wayward rhythms what I picture is this gaudy Insomnia with its wide lapels and toothy grin is the last groover on the dance floor, still going at it after everyone has collapsed in a heap or gone home This brilliant mix of memoir, mythology, literature and science is a meditation on too many sleepless nights Plus the cover sparkles I spoke about my first experience with this book on Episode 135 of the Reading Envy Podcast Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy

We ve all had those nights when we wake up in some dark hour and can t get back to sleep no matter what method we use to try to trick ourselves back into unconsciousness I ve found watching a good nature or outer space programme can often lull me, but sometimes nothing works Although I occasionally go through periods when sleeplessness plagues me night after night leaving me exhausted and bleary eyed throughout the workday, I ve never considered it to be a serious or chronic problem But other people experience severe cases that are seriously debilitating such as my partner who has tried many different treatments Most books about Insomnia offer advice or methods for overcoming it, but what I appreciate so much about Marina Benjamin s short, impactful and beautifully written book Insomnia is that she approaches the condition from a philosophical point of view It s a deeply personal accoun When you cannot get sleep you fall in love with sleep, because desire thank you, Lacan is born out of lack Perhaps there is an inverse relationship here, between the degree of lack and the corresponding degree of love How much do I love sleep, I wonder And can sleep love me back The medieval Islamic poet Rumi seemed to think the relationship might be reciprocal In The Milk of Millennia he wrote every human being streams at night into the loving nowhere I find it comforting to think that we might stream beyond our bedroom walls at night, like a crystalline liquid or like data , as though our avatars were flowing toward, then alongside those of others in surging formation while our bodies were at rest I find it reassuring that nowhere can be a loving place Although when I am revving in the night hours, Nowhere does not feel especially lovi

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