Clearly structured book that gives a good overview on mechanism around platforms and how they change the way doing business Where are the opportunities but also where lay the risks based on examples that all of us know Easy to follow and not too technical language.
A must read for everyone that wants to build up a platform on his own.
Airbnb Apple PayPal All Of These Companies Disrupted Their Markets When They Launched Today They Are Industry Leaders What S The Secret To Their Success These Cutting Edge Businesses Are Built On Platforms Two Sided Markets That Are Revolutionizing The Way We Do Business Written By Three Of The Most Sought After Experts On Platform Businesses, Platform Revolution Is The First Authoritative, Fact Based Book On Platform Models Whether Platforms Are Connecting Sellers And Buyers, Hosts And Visitors, Or Drivers With People Who Need A Ride, Geoffrey [Sangeet Paul Choudary] Ê Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy--and How to Make Them Work for You [esp PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û G Parker, Marshall W Van Alstyne, And Sangeet Paul Choudary Reveal The What, How, And Why Of This Revolution And Provide The First Owner S Manual For Creating A Successful Platform BusinessPlatform Revolution Teaches Newcomers How To Start And Run A Successful Platform Business, Explaining Ways To Identify Prime Markets And Monetize Networks Addressing Current Business Leaders, The Authors Reveal Strategies Behind Some Of Today S Up And Coming Platforms, Such As Tinder And SkillShare, And Explain How Traditional Companies Can Adapt In A Changing Marketplace The Authors Also Cover Essential Issues Concerning Security, Regulation, And Consumer Trust, While Examining Markets That May Be Ripe For A Platform Revolution, Including Healthcare, Education, And EnergyAs Digital Networks Increase In Ubiquity, Businesses That Do A Better Job Of Harnessing The Power Of The Platform Will Win An Indispensable Guide, Platform Revolution Charts Out The Brilliant Future Of Platforms And Reveals How They Will Irrevocably Alter The Lives And Careers Of Millions Good book, good information, but authors which run the danger of overhyping some trends A greater emphasis on the subject and a greater study on the past would have been appreciated than focusing on hypes Uber is such an example where yes, it is a platform business, but no, it has not been a good investment A good business can be a terrible investment and the book would have done better to avoid discussing valuation topics.
Û Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy--and How to Make Them Work for You Û This is a great book about platforms It is easy written and includes many real life examples Very interesting Everybody, read it to make sure that you get all the current buzz words on platform, ecosystem, new business models right and embrace the new way of doing business Eine Umfassende bersicht zum aktuellen IT Plattformthema, dass zurzeit in aller Munde ist.
Viele interessante und nachvollziehbare Beispiele die in der t glichen Diskussion helfen.

Unlike many books and articles I have red about platforms, this one is not just describing the obvious with a few less known facts , but analyses the core of the platform business, from business model, to the architecture Authors are also not just observers of events, but active participants and builders of the entire platform economy who understand it s mechanisms very well.
And, in the addition to that, very well written and structured Interesting to read and very informative if you consider building or buying a platform, you will probably read it several times.
Auch wenn der Titel nat rlich wieder rei erisch ist, gibt das Buch einen guten berblick ber die Erkenntnisse des Plattformbusinesses Zwischendrin wurde es manchmal etwas z h aber man muss ja nicht jedes Kapitel lesen Am Ende jedes Kapitels gibt es immer eine Zusammenfassung, was die Sache rund macht.

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