Fifteen year old Sarah os orphaned when her mother is killed at a roadblock in Berlin just before the onset of World War 2 and this thrilling, beautifully written book follows her on her jourmey to becoming a spy On the way, however, she is forced to pose as a monster by attending a Nazi run boarding school The central characters, Sarah and the enigmatic Captain are vividly created and their relationship, which is central to the story, is believable and full of superb, crisp dialogue The story itself is an exciting, tense adventure, at times chilling, at times disturbing but always thought provoking and fast moving A follow up is promised in 2019 and can t come quickly enough Highly recommended.
Well drawn characters and a great insight into the mindset of Nazi Germany I couldn t put it down and read it in one sitting.
Suddenly an orphan, Sarah is a Jewish girl on the run from Nazi soldiers An unexpected run in with a mysterious man changes all her plans as they save each other multiple times.
I really loved the way Sarah and the Captain worked so well together It was almost as if they had been plotting together for years The last part of the book was so full of action, I couldn t put it down.
Saw this in the bookshop and when it was reduced in price onI couldn t say no I originally intended to get it for my 10 year old daughter to read as well I think I may wait another year as my wife thought there was a part in the book non era related that she didn t need to read just yet But I thought it was excellent.
Orphan, Monster, Spy ☆ So glad I read this book on a friend s recommendation Fabulous heroine and breath taking plot I stayed up much too late two nights in a row to find out what happens in the end and it s totally worth it Can t wait for Sarah and the Captain s next adventure.
The story is great, you get to know the main character and how determined a young girl can be Its a fast paced story, one which I found very hard to put down I would definitely recommend this book to others.
For The Costa Children S Book Award Sarah Has Played Many Roles Dutiful Daughter Talented Gymnast Persecuted Jew Lost Orphan But Now She Faces Her Most Challenging Role Of All Now She Must Become The Very Thing She Hates For The Only Way She Can Survive As A Spy At A Boarding School For The Cream Of Nazi Society Is To Become A Monster Like Them A Monster Who Can Destroy ThemDiscover The Girl Who Can Beat Bond And Bourne At Their Own Game, In This Utterly Addictive [Matt Killeen] ✓ Orphan, Monster, Spy [soldiers PDF] read Online Æ Thriller From A Jaw Dropping New Talent I read this very swiftly as I could not put it down I am just finished and this makes me very sad Wonderfully written, fast paced, great characters and a moving and often shocking storyline I am now eagerly awaiting the next book and have no idea what to pick up now I love it when a book grabs you and doesn t let go read it now

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