Highly Anticipated Sequel To Melissa Albert S Beloved, New York Times Bestselling Debut The Hazel Wood In The Night Country, Alice Proserpine Dives Back Into A Menacing, Mesmerizing World Of Dark Fairy Tales And Hidden Doors Follow Her And Ellery Finch As They Learn The Hazel Wood Was Just The Beginning, And That Worlds Die Not With A Whimper, But A BangWith Finch S Help, Alice Escaped The Hinterland And Her Reclusive Grandmother S Dark Legacy Now She And The [Melissa Albert] × The Night Country [dungeons-and-dragons-manuals PDF] Ebook Epub Download È Rest Of The Dregs Of The Fairy Tale World Have Washed Up In New York City, Where Alice Is Trying To Make A New, Unmagical Life But Something Is Stalking The Hinterland S Survivors And She Suspects Their Deaths May Have A Darker Purpose Meanwhile, In The Winking Out World Of The Hinterland, Finch Seeks His Own Adventure, And If He Can Find It A Way Back Home GIMME GIMME GIMME I WANT ALICE AND FINCH PLZZZ To be honest, I don t know if I ve even got a soul If a soul is what makes you human, then I probably don t Unless a soul is something you can grow, like, after the fact And I don t think it is So No soul Just to explain why your pickup line s not working on me Tehehehehe I love being back in this world If you thought The Hazel Wood was dark, just wait until you jump into The Night Country This sequel kept all the things I loved about the first book, and brought in a bunch of new characters and plot sequences that kept this follow up feeling funky fresh I rarely enjoy sequels as much as their original counterpart, but I may have loved this second novel set in the Hinterland eventhan the first What a time to be alive.
We were predators set loose in a world not made to withstand us Until the summer we became prey This is one of those books where a you r COVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVER to whom it may concern ¾ The Night Country à Okay, all I can say is that I hope that Alice and Finch can find their way back to each other Maybe she ll join him in another world along with her mother after all, Ella missed the magic too.
This better be about Finch That s all I m asking for GODDAMN IT WOMAN PLEASE JUST GIVE ME MORE FINCH EDITED TO ADD WE HAVE A TITLE AND IT IS GOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUSSSSSSSSS NOW ALL WE NEED IS A SYNOPSIS AND I WILL BE ONE HAPPY LADY Don t get me wrong, I LOVED The Hazel Wood but it ended on such a good note what are you going to do This series has definitely been one of the darker, and bloodier, stories surrounding fairytales that I ve ever read And it feels very true, reads so muchhonestly, than the versions our generation grew up with I think it s that darkness, that depth, that I love most of all The creativity of twisting these tales, or letting them be their truth, is fantastic I love it But there s also another side of these books that just doesn t quite line up for me.
In book one, it was Alice s unlikeable self, the strangeness of the set up, before it finally settled and things were explained Once again, in book two, it s the same early chapters where I m just.
waiting But this time, I m waiting it out to understand and see where things are going.
and just how far we re goin No need to talk about the elephant in the room It is so obvious that I didn t enjoy the first book and I didn t foresee my request would be accepted but one morning I checked my library and here we go I got this sequel and I firstly admit, WHAT AN ARTISTIC, AMAZING COVER reflects book s darkness approach to the fairytales.
And you know what I surprisingly enjoyed this oneI still went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars but 3.
5 rounded up again to 4 And another interesting fact during my read I honestly wanted this book a little bit longer Of course instead of getting lost at the horrifying labyrinth of Hazel Wood, focusing on dark fairytales was great move of the author.
CONSI still have problems about Alice s complex, unbalanced, weird character development and her indecisive relationship with Finch Actually at this book their relations This wasn t magic like I d seen the snarled labyrinth of the Hazel Wood, the unlatched cages of the Hinterland It was older Cruder This magic was a blunt and wily animal, fed on horrorsI actually liked this book so much better than the first one Which is good for a sequel But I still felt like it was perhaps a bit awkwardly paced in quite a few areas, Alice was still a bit confusing characterand there definitely wasn t enough Finch I also wanted this to be longerThe original dark fairytales played a larger part in this sequel which was probably why I loved it so much, however this also came across as just overall written better than the first bookThat sounds good, I told him Which part The part where you re with me I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed with t

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