The Hot Summer Sun, Vacationers Stroll The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, Chewing Saltwater Taffy And Listening To The Gulls Raucous Cackle Few Realize That Under The Sparkling Water Rests A Graveyard Horrific Nor Easters, Treacherous Shoals And Simple Human Error Caused The Demise Of Countless Ships, Giving Birth To Legends Of Treasure And Terror There Is The De Braak, Rud To Hold Millions Of Dollars In Gold The Mohawk, Which Burned Like A å Shipwrecks of the Delaware Coast: Tales of Pirates, Squalls & Treasure (Disaster) ✓ Download by â Pam George Torch In The Delaware Bay And The Vessels That Fell Victim To The Great White Hurricane, Which Froze Dead Men To The Mast Journey With Local Author Pam George As She Deftly Picks Her Way Through The History Of Delaware S Most Intriguing And Mysterious Shipwrecks

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