Cross posted at The Library MistressDon t judge I m a Marcelo Santos virgin.
I think the storyline is quite okay I just kind of hate it sometimes, because you can feel that the author is kind of trying to be funny, whilst attempting to state something profound Channeling Bob Ong, eh Hmmm Meh At some point, I think the author is actually aiming for a Ricky Lee I just don t know Maybe, it s just me.
I won t say I didn t like it, over all, I think, Marcelo captures the heart of his audience and his stories are really targeted to his readers and this novel is his answer to the strike while the iron is hot cliche My very close friend Boado would like this, love this book even I just know it Unfortunately and sadly, I don t belong to the teenage circle clamoring for this kind of storytelling any, let s just say, I already grew up and matured Caveat, this doesn t mean, I m callin I really love this book And of course, I also love the author My copy of this book was really from the author himself It was a dream come true see him He even hugged me before giving the book to me Hahaha So lucky He also signed it 3Marcelo Santos III is a great writer This book is just plain bad Sappy dialogues.
Overly Dramatic Scenes.
Predictable stories.
No action.
Too much and too long internal dialogues.
Cheesy lines.
I am not really a fan of Marcelo Santos III I think his love stories in videos are a little bit cliche and too dramatic for my taste But this book is surprisingly good for a debut author Para sa Hopeless Romantic is divided into 5 interrelated stories There are 5 narrators and all of them are linked to each other The first narrator is Ryan who is secretly in love with his bestfriend and classmate, Maria The second narrator is Becca who is sort of the usual bitter ex girlfriend who can t seem to move on from her past love Third is Nikko, Becca s ex boyfriend Fourth is Maria, Ryan s love interest and the fifth is the hilarious Jackie, which, by the way is my favorite character out of the five How are the stories related That s for you to find out One of the things I like about this book is the simple narration Since th Ba Ang Happy Ending Deserve Ba Ng Isang Tao Ang Second Chance Bakit Kung Sino Pa Yung Nagmamahal, Sila Pa Yung Nasasaktan Ang Para sa Hopeless Romantic Extended Edition Ay Istorya Ng Anim Na Taong Nakikipagsapalaran Sa Mundo Ng Pag IbigIsang Lihim Na Umiibig Isang Umaasang Babalikan Isang Naghahangad Na Mahalin Isang Natatakot Nang Umibig Muli Isang Nagsusumikap Na Makalimot At Isang Nag Aasam Ng Maligayang Pag IibiganAng Ang Istorya Nina Maria, Ryan, Becca, Nikko, Jackie At FayeAng Nobelang Para Sa Mga Taong Iniwan At Ipinagpalit, Para [ read Online Para sa Hopeless Romantic È zimbabwe PDF ] by Marcelo Santos III º Sa Mga Taong Naging Panakip Butas, Para Sa Mga Nangangarap Na Mahalin, Para Sa Umaasang Babalikan, Para Sa Naghahangad Ng Happy Ending At Para Sa Mga Hopeless Romantic

I m familiar with Marcelo Santos III s works especiallyUpuanI m so in love with that story SO,Para sa Hopeless Romanticis beyond amazing Super ganda I think it s wise na ipagdugtong dugtong ang mga remarkable na story sa isang book Anyone who ll read it can relate Thumbs up I ve never really heard of Marcelo Santos III before until I saw this book with the very catchy title It has been a long time since I read another book written in Filipino, with Para Kay B being the last one At first, I thought this was like a humorous book, but it seemed that I was very mistaken It wasn t just humorous I felt a hell of a lot of emotions while reading this book.
Oh, and yeah Because of my curiosity of this book, I bought a copy last Sunday, but my copy has some missing pages, which brought me to have a conversation with the author himself And I returned the copy and had another one last Monday It seemed like this book had resurrected my liking of books written in Filipino, since I seldom see those quality books because of those ones that have been just translated like The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and holy effing shit, Fifty Shades I mean come on How do you ev ß Para sa Hopeless Romantic Þ i saw this book while browsing around national bookstore familiar na ako kay marcelo santos III from his love story on video creations, and to be honest, i wasn t all that drawn in by this young gentleman s storytelling style or dialogue.
seeing Para sa Hopeless Romantic , i still had my doubts, but since i wanted to be a believer of local romance writers, i gave mr santos the benefit of the doubt and spent money on his book who knows, sabi ko, maybe he has vastly improved and has something good to offer since novel na ito there will be those who ll like even love Para sa Hopeless Romantic i won t be one of those people i m not asking for anything original romance stories are usually predictable that said, i still have expectations all i wanted was to have a reason to pay attention to the story, maybe even care for the charact It was a great book Though not as much as I expected it to be because I thought the theme of the story is hilarious and fun Yes, it was fun, I had a huge laugh at the first few paragraphs but little did I know, it wasn t just a story that makes people laugh or you know, just to entertain but the novel teaches a lesson and it is very relevant something you d pick to read because you think you are a Hopeless Romantic But when you ll finish reading it,You ll realize that it s a novel that would open your eyes and your heart to something new I m not a hopeless romantic but still, it was a very good one Eto talaga yun e One Big Shot Ang buhay ay kasing ikli ng three seconds Grab every opprtunity Take every chances Life is too short Decide now Lahat ng tao deserve magkaroon ng happy ending at second chance

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