Download Was Supposed To Change The World It Was Supposed To Mean The End Of Aging, The End Of Death, The Birth Of A New Humanity But It Wasn T Supposed To Happen To Someone Like Lia KahnAnd It Wasn T Supposed To Ruin Her LifeLia Knows She Should Be Grateful She Didn T Die In The Accident The Download Saved Her But It Also Changed Her, Forever She Can Deal With Being A Freak She Can Deal With The Fear In ↠´ read ↠´ Skinned by Robin Wasserman å Her Parents Eyes And The Way Her Boyfriend Flinches At Her Touch But She Can T Deal With What She Knows, Deep Down, Every Time She Forces Herself To Look In The Mirror She S Not The Same Person She Used To BeMaybe She S Not Even A Person At All Meh A poor man s Cinder Just okay.
I m going to present this review in a series of half explained gifs.
In the beginning, I was just casually reading through it.
And then I started getting into it.
I was enjoying the story and beginning to get irritated with everyone s constant blatant disregard of Lia and the fact that she was still humaninside.
Then the story moved onto Zo or Zoie the Hoie as I like to refer to her and of course, I hated her.
But it wasn t just your regular hate This was deep, burning hate that even the fiery pits of hell couldn t compete with And then there was the scene with Walker Cough Douche bag Cough and Zo at the back of the school, practically dry humping each other Lafayette, speak for me Once we got past that, Auden s heart felt love confession, another bitch out from Zo and finally reached the part with her dad.
Oh myYes, I

Okay I m not going to finish this book, but it isn t because I don t think it s a perfectly acceptable book It is The writing is actually very good, and the author presents a lot of interesting questions about what it means to be human This author has a compelling voice and the novel reads a lot like a Scott Westerfeld novel Even the paperback size and cover look like an Uglies novel However, Westerfeld draws the reader in much faster with rising action and character development.
I m just not on board with this book So far, I dislike the main character an awful lot I m 100 pages in and nothing much has happened except a lot of whining about her circumstance I can see where the story is going I portend much disappoint from the Zoie and Walker front and frankly all I can Lia shouldn t have been in the car in the first place By doing a favor for her sister, she has changed her life forever A one in a million chance The navigation system in her car malfunctioned and she crashed head on with another car Her body broken her skin burning, Lia waited for help Unfortunately, her body didn t survive the trauma of the accident However, her brain remained in tact Lia wakes up several weeks later to find that she is alive She has been downloaded into a new body A body that isn t flesh and blood, but circuits and wires covered by synthetic skin Lia doesn t want to be a skinner, a mech head, a freak She d rather be dead Instead she has to go through the indignity of learning the most basic of activities all over again Eventually, Lia returns to school only to find that the people she depended on most aren t as receptive to her as she

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