Tactics And Techniques Of Two Of The Greatest Competitors In The History Of Mixed Martial Arts Combat, Renzo And Royler Gracie, Are Captured In This Book Their Grappling Style Of Martial Arts Is Explained Methods That Focus On Holds And Throws Rather Than Kicks And Punches, And Come Closer To The Spirit And Nature Of Real Fighting Than Other Martial Arts Covered Are The History, Rules, Philosophy, Strategy, And Positions Of Submission Grappling, Providing A Complete Account Of This Increasingly Popular SportAuthor Biography [Royler Gracie] ò Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Grappling Techniques (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu series) [history PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò Renzo Gracie Is A Two Time Winner Of The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu National Championships, As Well As Two Time World Champion In The Prestigious Abu Dhabi World Submission Wrestling Championship He Teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu At His Elite Academy In New York City He Lives In New York City Royler Gracie Has Won The World Title Four Times And The Abu Dhabi World Submission Wrestling Championship For Two Consecutive Years He Is The Head Instructor At The Gracie Humaita Academy In Rio De Janeiro John Danaher Is An Instructor At Renzo Gracie S New York City Academy He Lives In New York City

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