Growing up an only child, Silas has been alone most of his life Being a wealthy peer, he has had to guard his honor at all cost Most look at him and see a man made of ice and stone But underneath the mask lies a lonely man who wants what all his closest friends have, someone he can trust and come home to at the end of the day All her life, Esther has lacked the feeling that she belongs She sees herself has a burden, as baggage to be passed from one relative to the next No one ever asks her for her opinion or what she wants to do They make all the decisions for her as if she were a child She has come to accept that this is her life, but it doesn t make it any easier for her When Esther heroically saves Silas from a falling statue, they never dreamed the ton would look upon the event as Esther putting herself in a compromising situation Esther is whisked off to the countrysi I loved the idea of this book, I have fun reading books about two people being thrown into a marriage with each other and it working out for the best However, this book was seriously aggravating to me There were so many times when I had to turn off my Kindle in frustration because these characters simply kept clashing and for this reason the ending seemed really forced to me I really wish this book would have been a little less aggravating because it definitely has the potential to be a four or five star novel, I simply cannot get past the frustration of reading it though The story line was so sweet and cute and the characters at times were extremely likable This story line with less clashing could have been one of my favorite reads I will say that I do plan on reading the next book though and hope for a better turnout.

Sweet regency story Full review to come.
TWO LONELY SOULS WITH NO PASSION FOR EACH OTHER NOT ONE BIT OF ROMANCE EITHER After saving Silas s Earl of Inglewoods life Esther Fox has started the gossip mongers saying she is compromised She landed on top of him while pushing him out of the way of a falling Greek Statue Then at a picnic she falls in the lake and he helps her out of the water The two are soaking wet So she is now truly compromised Silas being Esther s brother Isaach best friend must marry her or she will be ruined These are Lame excused of a lady being compromised But the worse part of this story is the constent self pity Esther has because she didn t feel excepted by her brother Isaac s friend when they were young Why they are 6 to 8 years older then her No brother wants there younger sister tagging along Sila This book starts with a couple that feel forced into marriage to protect their reputations, in ways that felt overly contrived to me However, once I hit the halfway mark, I couldn t put it down and really wanted things to work out right between them Although stories like this could always use a hefty dose of honest communication between the hero and heroine, there was enough emotional depth that I enjoyed being along for the ride.
I love a good Regency romance and this one did not disappoint There is humor, romance, drama, and forgiveness all wrapped into a well written package The setting is beautiful, but the inner beauty is wonderful.
I really enjoyed the characters Ester and Silas At times I wanted to reach in and force them to communicate with one another They are very likable and have such a unique love story and situation Silas becomes Ester s knight in shining armor, and she becomes the lady she s intended to be.
If you love Regency and cute love stories, I highly recommend this read µ Rescuing Lord Inglewood µ A great start to a new series What happens when you rescue a handsome earl from a falling statue in a crowd of people Well, of course you have to marry him I always love these marriage of convenience stories.
I already know I m going to love this new series by Sally Britton Rescuing Lord Inglewood was a lovely Regency story featuring a sweet marriage of convenience romance, a trope I never tire of I just love watching a couple choose to love one another and make an unexpected marriage work I really liked Silas and Esther and was able to sympathize with them both Esther has spent a lifetime feeling unloved, left behind, and being treated like a child, causing her to believe she s a burden no one wants, feelings that are magnified when her new husband marries her only to protect her reputation Silas is used to maintaining control and doing whatever it takes to maintain his honor with the state of his new wife s heart, his actions in doing what he feels is best for her result in hurt feelings on her part and lack of understanding on his However, both are good charact He Wants Is Someone He Can Trust All She Wants Is To Belong But When Compromising Circumstances Force Them Together, Do They Have A Chance At Finding Love Silas Riley, Earl Of Inglewood, Is Known Among His Peers In Parliament As The Man Made Of Stone As A Wealthy Peer, There Are Few He Trusts With His Friendship He Guards His Heart And His Honor With Vigilance, And When An Accident Nearly Takes His Life, He S Faced With A Situation Which Threatens His Standing In Trailer ↠´ Rescuing Lord Inglewood PDF by Ì Sally Britton SocietyGrowing Up In The Shadow Of Her Older Brother, Esther Fox S Acceptance In His Circle Has Been Indifferent At Best So When She Ends Up In A Compromising Situation As She Saves The Life Of Her Brother S Dearest Friend, The Earl Of Inglewood, She Is Forced To Marry Him To Save Her Own Reputation Once Again, She Finds Herself Accepted Only Because Of The Situation, And Not Because She Is Truly WantedNeither Are Prepared For A Loss Which Further Complicates Their New Relationship With Such A Difficult Beginning, Can They Ever Hope To Understand One Another, Let Alone Find Love Rescuing Lord Inglewood is a well written Regency romance I found Silas and Esther to be sympathetic characters that are very likable They both had good motives but had difficulties communicating the reasons behind their actions They were childhood acquaintances, and their re introduction as adults was dramatic The plot has twists and turns and moves along at a good pace I have enjoyed everything that I ve read by Sally Britton and plan to read whatever she publishes I would highly recommend this book to historical romance readers and to clean wholesome romance readers I received an ARC I chose to write a review and share my opinion of this sweet romance.

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