Book Completetly Changes The Established And Conventional View Of Prehistory By Relocating The Lost Eden The World S First Civilisation To Southeast Asia At The End Of The Ice Age, Southeast Asia Formed A Continent Twice The Size Of India, Which Included Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia, And Borneo In Eden In The East, Stephen Oppenheimer Puts Forward The Astonishing Argument That Here In Southeast Asia Rather Than In Mesopotamia Where It Trailer µ Eden in the East: The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia PDF by ¼ Stephen Oppenheimer Is Usually Placed Was The Lost Civilization That Fertilized The Great Cultures Of The Middle East , Years Ago He Produces Evidence From Ethnography, Archaeology, Oceanography, Creation Stories, Myths, Linguistics, And DNA Analysis To Argue That This Founding Civilization Was Destroyed By A Catastrophic Flood, Caused By A Rapid Rise In The Sea Level At The End Of The Last Ice Age A great study about the derivative of Southest asia culture also the Chinese and Indian It also issues an academic perspective on Southern advanced techniques which were belived originating from China.
After I read The Forgotten Exodus The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution in which Bruce Fenton presents his argument for the evolution of Homo sapiens from the Homo erectus population of Southeast Asia, his argument well supported by archaeological and genetic evidence, I thought it a good idea to read Stephen Oppenheimer s Eden in the East The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia, though not strictly as a follow on, since it was written some 20 years earlier.
In Eden in the East Oppenheimer sets out to prove that, displaced by a catastrophic flood ca.
8,500 years ago, many of survivors from Southeast Asia, notably those from the drowned coastal lands of the former Sundaland, took to their sea going canoes to find new homes, taking with them their myths, and their potentiallyadvanced technology They settled in India, and Sumer Mesopotamia , and p Very dense, took a long time to absorb it, but very important and opens up great wonderings.
Oppenheimer advances the thesis that rapid sea level rise about 8000 years ago forced people living on the Sunda Shelf in southeast Asia then an extensive area of dry land to migrate east and west, bringing much of their culture with them The geology, genetics, and linguistics he rallies in support seem sound When he gets to mythology, though, his ground becomes much shakier He claims evidence to suggest that themes common to the Middle East and Europe pretty much everything in Genesis 1 8, and a littleoriginated in Sunda But mostly his argument is that when a theme occurs in Sunda, it originated there, and there was a physical inspiration for it when the same theme occurs elsewhere, it came via diffusion In a couple places, he buttresses his case with statistical correlations I wanna read this book so much , but i have no enough money to buy the book do you all wanna borrow me µ Eden in the East: The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia ✓ Presents an intriguing idea overall a Neolithic civilization in southeast Asia 7000 years ago or , spread its influences west to Egypt and Mesopotamia and east into the Polynesian islands through trade and, after post Ice Age floods, through migrations It examines archaeology, language, genetics, and myths in connecting these areas But it is not well organized for such a large canvas and therefore the story cannot support the book s length Grounded in science, but not without some leaps is speculation.
Jika premis atau hipotesa buku ini benar, maka sejarah dunia harus diubah beserta turunannya, antropologi dll Dan jika Atlantis ada di Asia Tenggara, sebagiannya di Indonesia, oh banyak mitos agama akan runtuh buku bagus yang harus dibaca dan kelak akan jadi sangat penting di antara tahun 2030 2050 ke atas saat trend antropologi sains politik ekonomi lingkungan dll mengarah ke Indonesia buku yang harus dimiliki bersama dengan Atlantis The Continent Finally Found dari Arysio Santos This is kind of academic But I was readingfor the subject matter about the possibility of a South East Asian continent that was the original cradle of civilisation, before it was drowned by rising water levels at the end of the last ice age The first part of the book which deals with data on the flooding is a bit of a long haul The second part which dealt with comparisons of similar folklore between various cultures to see where the original story came from is muchinteresting for me I d recommend this to anyone with a keen interest in South East Asian indigenous cultures or pre colonial history.
A most excellent book read Bruce Kenyon s book Into Africa before you make your mind up.

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