This is one of my favourite two part series, which is interesting because the main character is not really that likeable of a person She s indecisive, easily pushed around and a bit of a whiner That being said, it makes sense that she is these things because of the way she was raised and for some reason, it made me want to see her come into her own.
I think it s the universe that is the most interesting to me To be able to travel between worlds via mirrors was something I always pretended was possible when I was young That there might be another place on the other side of the mirror is fascinating to me and I enjoyed how they showed the use of mirrors in Mordent.
The characters are not always likeable, but they re not suppose to be They succeed and fail in spectacular ways and have very rea In a word Boring Prolix In two words glacial plotting Unsympathetic characters.
In five words Pathetic, colorless, wimpy uninteresting heroine I m 1 3 of the way through listening to this 9 hours or so and I m thinking of quitting Maybe I ll read it so I can skim God he s wordy and keeps saying the same thing over and over and over again maybe I don t exist, my father didn t love me Boohoo Hullo We get it Mostly, I want to slap the heroine And the king Or kill them both so the story would be over.
The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, Stephen R Donaldson Changed The Face Of Fantasy Fiction Forever In The Mirror of Her Dreams , The Astonishing First Novel In The Two Volume Mordant S Need Series, Donaldson Shows Us A World Of Wondrous Beauty And Seductive Illusion, Where Mirrors Hold The Deadliest Of Magics And Nothing Is What It Seems The Daughter Of Rich But Neglectful Parents, Terisa Morgan Lives Alone In A New York City Apartment, A Young Woman Who Has Grown To Doubt Her Own Existence Surrounded [Stephen R.
Donaldson] ✓ The Mirror of Her Dreams [action PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ By The Flat Reassurance Of Mirrors, She Leads An Unfulfilled Life Until The Night A Strange Man Named Geraden Comes Crashing Through One Of Her Mirrors, On A Quest To Find A Champion To Save His Kingdom Of Mordant From A Pervasive Evil That Threatens The Land Terisa Is No Champion She Wields Neither Magic Nor Power And Yet, Much To Her Own Surprise, When Geraden Begs Her To Come Back With Him, She AgreesNow, In A Culture Where Women Are Little Than The Playthings Of Powerful Men, In A Castle Honeycombed With Secret Passages And Clever Traps, In A Kingdom Threatened From Without And Within By Enemies Able To Appear And Vanish Out Of Thin Air, Terisa Must Become Than The Pale Reflection Of A Person For The Way Back To Earth Is Closed To Her And The Enemies Of Mordant Will Stop At Nothing To See Her Dead I first read this book about 15 years ago and it s still one of my top favorite fantasy novels today When the book opens Terisa Morgan is a beautiful girl, living in a busy city but she feels cut off from the rest of humanity She has no close friends, no family that really care about her, no ties to anyone and that lack has left a deep impression on her It s gotten so bad that Terisa has covered her entire apartment in mirrors and she spends hours sitting in front of them, trying to prove to herself that she really exists That she s important That she s real This background makes her an interesting but slow to action character even after she is thrust into an entirely different world and surrounded by people Ë The Mirror of Her Dreams Ë One of the most problematic reads I have ever picked up It ended up in my trash can Never Again.
Every three years or so, I go back and read these two books Terisa Morgan is a rich girl living in a high rise in NYC when a handsome young man from an alternate reality stumbles into her apartment through one of her mirrors His home is in danger he was headed somewhere else to pick up a champion with armor and weapons and ended up in Terisa s apartment instead You see, in his world, mirrors are portals to other worlds Imagers do research and create these mirrors One Imager creates a mirror in which all that can be seen is a steady downpour of rain Their King is pleased with this technology, as this rain could be translated out of its place of origin to relieve drought, for example But, like any other power or talent, Imagery can be misused, and some renegade Imagers are doing just that, bringing beasts and lav I loved this book I read this way back in 1987 when I picked up a copy at the library I wasn t reading much at that time and I had yet to discover Thomas Covenant The blurb on the back intrigued me so I checked it out.
I loved this book I fell in love with Terisa and Geraden I think part of me related to Terisa or maybe part of me WANTED to relate to Terisa And of course I was in love with Geraden Since it s been so long since I ve read it, my mind is fuzzy on some of the details but I certainly remember the mirrors I think I kept looking in my bathroom mirror after I read this, just hoping I d catch a glimpse of another world So far no luck, but still looking I did not know it was the first of two Actually, the version I read said it was the first of a trilogy I saw the blurb on the last page Oh, no What happens to these people I went back to the

I chose this book because the author was said to have redefined the Fantasy genre and since I write fantasies, I thought it a good idea to check this one out While the world was compelling and the plot was interesting, I could not get over my dislike for the main character Teresa was weird at first, and her sense of detachment to the world was a little sympathetic but I stress at first As the plot continued forward, I grew to hate her Midway through the book, I wanted to bash my head against the wall By the time she took any action at all, I was done with her I didn t care any My enjoyment of Gerarden could not balance out this hatred, so I have to give the book two stars.
Unlike his Thomas Covenant, this duology is one of my favorites I really love the characters, and the story is really interesting and well told.
Spoilers 5 starsThis is a reread for me The book was published in 1986 and I believe I originally read it in 1993 I LOVED it then and I Love it now This is the first book of a two book series, and although there are elements of romance, I would not say this is a romance driven book It is a character driven book for the most part, but the romance is secondary You should know, that the writing style is a bit outdated old fashioned IMHO I am not saying it s bad because it is not it is excellent for it s time What the writing lacks is emotional impact I found the characters responses to very important matters were softer than they should have been, and easily forgotten I also felt the characters physical actions were over exaggerated and animated, kind of like

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